Pasture Valley Children's Home News August - October 2019

James 5: 13 "Is any one of you in trouble? He should pray. Is anyone happy? Let him sing songs of praise.”

Faith like a Child

What it is to have faith like a child. For a while now Pasture Valley has assisted a family with a grandmother who walked on her knees and cared for 4 children. Over a weekend we had news that she had passed away and that the children were without any care. The children had great hope and faith that Pasture Valley would come and fetch them. The 2 older ones did not go to school for fear that they would miss the Pasture Valley vehicle from collecting them. They were so excited when I finally collected them and could not stop talking. It is a joy to see them play and learn and be part of a big family. If it is God’s will, the older children will join the family at the end of the year.

Nick and Molly Kozlarek

Isaiah 6:8 “ Also I heard the voice of the Lord, saying, Whom shall I send, and who will go for us? Then said I, Here am I; send me.”

Nick and Molly Kozlarek have joined the team at Pasture Valley in answer to prayer. With Alicia and Ciniso away for 4 months, Nick and Molly have come to help at Ekuthuleni Girls care centre. Nick also leads the pastors training at Pasture Valley with 16 students attending. Molly teaches the Grade 3 homeschool class during the week. What a blessing this amazing couple have been who answered a calling from our Father in heaven when we needed help!

Families in Need

Psalm 69:33 “ For the Lord hears the needy and does not despise his own people who are prisoners”

We were shocked to find that a lady and her husband lives in a home made from second hand roof tiles with little food or support. The lady suffered from a stroke and is not able to speak well or do basic chores. We were able to bring her some food and clothes for the baby and are looking at ways in which to purchase the land so that a proper home can be built

We also visited a home where violence in the home resulted in parent separation. The 6 children were left to defend for themselves and the younger children became malnourished to such an extent that the Health centre reported the case to the police. The children were moved to the grandmother’s home who is struggling to feed all the children on her own. We brought food and clothes and hope to continue providing food for this family monthly.

Puppets and Parties!

The children were treated to a puppet show by a team from South Africa. The little ones loved the puppets!

Gogo Constance was able to join us for the September birthday parties. The children loved spending time with her. We celebrated many birthdays over the last months including Nelsiwe who turned 21 and received her “key to the door”- a bible!

Educational Tour of Town

The homeschool children were taken on an educational tour through town starting with the bank, then the butchery, post office, pharmacy, grocery shop and ice- cream shop. You can guess which was their favourite stop! They now know how to post their own letters and saw Pasture Valley’s very own post box!

Rocket Scientists!

The children enjoyed a series of space movies during the holiday which ended with them making their own rockets. Looks like we have a few rocket scientists in the making.

Farmers' Day

The farmers’ day was well represented with over 50 people from various sectors. Those interested from the government, research, private enterprises and non profit organizations came to attend the day which concentrated on new and innovative crops for Eswatini for diversification. The presentations given were on bamboo, essential oil crops, Stevia, Artemisia (for Malaria prevention) and vanilla. It was a great day to network with other organizations and to encourage agriculture in Eswatini.

Prayer Requests:

  • Thankfulness for good health for the children
  • Thankfulness for God’s daily provision for us
  • For the children as they write their final exams for the year
  • For protection of the children and staff
  • Thankfulness for Sandile getting his heavy duty truck licence
  • For the children that have been chosen as head girl and prefects in their school to show good Christian leadership
  • For safe travels for Peter as he goes to North Korea to work with Mission East on a plant nursery project
  • Thankfulness for the arrival of little Zoe Mkhombe
  • For the purchase transfer of land to build a school
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