Game Changers By:mike lupica

Chris Wilson


English 8

16 December 2016

Game Changers by Mike Lupica

This book is about this kid named Ben McBain that plays for a football team at his school and wants to be the quarterback but the coach picked his son to be the quarterback instead. Ben makes a lot of good plays but every time he makes a big play the coach isn't paying attention. Ben is eleven years old and can play every position but more then everything he wants to play quarterback. He was barely even able to make the team because of the weight requirement. Ben refuses to give up on being the quarterback for his football team and does nothing but try and show off his skill as quarterback. Ben’s best friends motivate him to keep trying. His friends are Coop, Sam and , Lily they call their group the core four. When Ben first went to tryouts he thought he had a really good chance at being quarterback because he can run the ball throw the ball and knows the plays perfectly. Ben doesn't end up being quarterback which doesn't make him happy but he continues to be a team player. At the end his football team goes to the championship. When they go to the championship the starting quarterback is injured and so coach put in Ben. On the last play of the game with seven seconds Ben throws a deep pass to his friend coop for a touchdown to win the game. After the game coach says he really saved them out there and he is the reason they won.

I really liked this because I really like football and I really never got put at the position I wanted to be at either. Overall this is a really good book and I would recommend it to whoever is trying to find a book to read.

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