Gas Attacks By: Madalyn Marie Elizabeth Ann Seton Clauss

There were many ways to kill an enemy, but the worst and the crudest was the gas. The gas was a new weapon and it was most likely the strongest. Artillery bombs and machine guns resulted in a fast and quick death, while the gas attacks were long and dreadful. Some people say that it took days and maybe weeks till you were dead.

The gas was first used on April 22,1915 by the Germans. Fritz Habor was the weapons main advocate. Its purpose was to kill the others easier than with a gun or a riffle. Many people saw the first time they used gas as an experiment. Poison gas was responsible for less than 1% of WWI’s fatalities and about 7% of its casualties.

Many people knew when it would happen to put on their masks right away. They could see the gas because it was a cloud of green and yellow and they had no choice to breathe it in.

Today the United States and Russia have access to nuclear weapons. We do not use them unless it is strictly advised.


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