NEWSLETTER 22 November 2019

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Head of Castle Hill Campus - Mr Daniel Marsden

Prayer is part of our daily activities at Hills Adventist College and students are able to participate in worship each morning. If you are on our Castle Hill campus, shortly after the bell goes at the beginning of the day, it is normal to hear music and students singing praise and worship songs in various classrooms. This is then followed by prayer, and students have the opportunity to participate by either leading out or sharing what they would like to pray for.

Prayer is powerful. It gives us an opportunity to give our worries and concerns to God by placing them in His capable hands, we can feel assured that He will take care of them. Prayer will teach us to have patience too. Things are readily accessible when we want or need them and we often spend little time waiting. When we pray, we need to be patient with God because He will answer our prayers in His time.

When every I think about how powerful prayer is, I am reminded of a story.

A local church once took a mission trip to build a church in a remote village in Russia. They were building the house of worship from the stones of an abandoned Russian prison.

Careful attention was taken to preserve the stones. While removing one of the large stones, they discovered a hollowed-out stone with a canister in it; inside the canister was a hastily written note: “We are a group of Christians being forced by Communists to take the stones of our church and build a prison where we will stay until we die. Our prayer is that one day, these stones would once again be used to build a church.”

Don’t worry about anything; instead, pray about everything. Tell God what you need, and thank him for all he has done. -Philippians 4:6

Chaplains Chat

Jess Laws

Earlier this week, my phone popped up with the bible verse of the day along with this image, and it has stuck with me all week. Romans 13 lists some of the commandments and ends on what is widely known as “the golden rule” to summarise them all, saying; ‘“You shall love your neighbour as yourself.” Love does no harm to a neighbour; therefore, love is the fulfillment of the law.’

So often we overcomplicate our lives by worrying about what we should do; whether it be our faith, work, family or health. Growing up, I was always the kid who loved the rules as they kept everything easy to understand and easy to decipher between right and wrong. I was obsessed with fairness and was terrified of doing whatever was perceived as “wrong”. Yet as I grew and realised that some things are more complicated and that life has lots of grey areas, it became an impossible task to maintain perfection.

I love how Romans sums up all the commandments into what they are all ultimately pointing towards; and reminds us that instead of obsession over every symptom of our behaviour, that as long as we align our heart with the right purpose, our actions will naturally follow.

Rules are still valid and important to have for a guideline pointing towards what we value, but when we remember the value behind our rules, we can focus on the cause, not the symptom.

Corinthians 16:14 (NKJV) “Let all that you do be done with love.”


Presentation Night

Just a reminder that our annual Presentation Evening will be on Tuesday 10 December. Please plan to be there to support our students on the night. More information will be sent out over the next couple of weeks via email.

Congratulations to our Head of Castle Hill Campus!

We are excited to share the happy news that Mr Marsden (Head of Castle Hill Campus) welcomed a new addition in his home on the 11 November. Congratulations to Mr & Mrs Marsden, and big brother Eli on the birth of their beautiful new baby, Ella Joy. We wish them all the best as they adjust to life as a family of four.

Public Bus Use - Important Announcement

If your child uses the public bus services to and from the College, (not the private College buses) please ensure they tap on and off with their Opal Card EVERY time they catch the bus. The College has been contacted by the Bus company, who are concerned that they do not have students catching these buses, after families and the College have specifically requested these services be continued. We are aware that students are indeed utilising these bus services, however that cannot be proven unless students tap on and off every trip to inform the data and statistics that the bus company uses.

Please emphasize to your children the importance of doing this simple task, so we are able to continue to be serviced by public buses to our College. If the bus company does not see enough usage, the routes will quite likely be cancelled.

Thank you for your attention to this matter

Early End-Year Departure From College

As absences of more than 5 days need to be approved by the Principal, those students who will be leaving on holidays before 4 December, please note you will need to complete the form below as soon as possible and return it to the office for approval.

Reminder - Child Care Seat Requirements

In the interest of your child’s safety in the car, we would like to remind all families that by law, all children under the age of seven must be safely fastened in the correct child car seat for their age and size. Additionally, according to the NSW Centre for Road Safety, “Children aged from seven years old but under 16 years old who are too small to be restrained by a seatbelt properly adjusted and fastened are strongly recommended to use an approved booster seat.” It is recommended that children should be at least 145cm tall before they use an adult lap-sash seatbelt. Please ensure that any car transporting your child to or from school is fitted with the appropriate child car seat until your child is old enough and tall enough to use the adult seat belt.

For further information, please click on the link below:

De-registration Process

For Middle & Senior School students: If your child will not be here until the last day of term, please ensure they complete the de-registration process BEFORE leaving on early holidays etc. Particularly textbooks and equipment need to be returned before departure for the year. All other students will be de-registering on the final day of classes. Pick up a de-registration checklist from the office.


Kindy Learning to Ride Safely

Recently, our Kindergarten students were able to bring their bikes and scooters to school and had a fantastic time practicing their safety procedures for safe riding of bikes and scooters. Thank you to our helpers who set up roads and signage and monitored traffic. Many students followed the rules safely and received stamps on their hands as a result, some may have got a ticket and had to do 5 star jumps. Either way, fun was had by all. At the end of the day students received a Bike Certificate for safe riding.

- Mrs Rudenko & Mrs Weslake

Year 5 Band Performance

Thank you to all those who came and supported the Year 5 students as the class performed at their annual Band Performance. It was great to have so many family and friends, and we even welcomed our Year 4 students from the Castle Hill campus to check out what they will be doing next year! Thanks to Miss Thomas and Miss H for nurturing the growing talent we have in this class.

Kindness, Compassion & Integrity Rewarded

We would like to congratulate Charlotte M on her recent nomination for the Fred Hollows Humanity Award. Each year the Fred Hollows Foundation recognizes Year 6 students who follow in Fred’s footsteps by making a positive difference in their school or wider community. It celebrates students who show compassion, integrity and kindness in their everyday lives, just as Fred did. Charlotte was presented with a certificate by Gabi Hollows at a special awards ceremony in the city earlier this term.

Zara's Book Bonanza!

In a previous newsletter, we shared that one of our students, Zara, from Kindy A was sponsored through Book Bonus, the Dymocks Childrens Charity, to read as many books as possible during the recent Premier’s Reading Challenge. As was mentioned then, for every dollar she raised, our College would get $1.50 towards new books, and a school in need would receive 50c towards new books. Pictured below are the books that were purchased with the funds raised by Zara.

Year 1 Students visit Rouse Hill House & Farm

In History the Year 1 class has been learning about life in the past. To gain a hands on experience we visited the Rouse Hill House and Farm to take a walk down memory lane and see what life was like on a farm 120 years ago. The topic of study was Early to Rise and we looked at the jobs the Rouse family children had been assigned on the family farm in the mornings before school. Their jobs included collecting water, milking the cows, laundry for the girls and feeding the chickens. Students got to experience some of these jobs and the funniest was hanging the ‘bloomers’ on the line. It was a valuable learning experience and gave children a sense of appreciation for the easy lives they have. A big thanks to the parent helpers who went along to assist.

- Mrs Steyn & Miss Trott

Cheers for Tahlia!

Within the last couple of months, Tahlia T, from Year 3, competed in three Cheer competitions with her cheer team called Team Hydro from Cheer Energy Australia. One was a state competition and two were Australia wide national competitions.

Tahlia has worked very hard with her team training three hours each week for her routine.

Her team was placed 3rd in the state cheer comp called Cheercon, 2nd in the National cheer comp called Brandz Cheer and Dance and they came 1st in the Australian All stars cheerleading Federation comp which was held at Sydney Olympic Park! Tahlia and her team were awarded medals and a large trophy for this achievement. Congratulations to Tahlia and her team for a great achievement!