Gender-Neutral Halloween Costume Ideas Try out some of these costume ideas for a fun, new look this Halloween season.

With spooky season right around the corner, it's essential to have a little inspiration in what you want to wear on the special, haunted day we call Halloween.

#1: The onesie look

Whether you want to be comfortable or just want to have a fun look, onesies are the perfect fit for you. Choose your favorite animal or character and you'll be good to go on Halloween.

#2: Matching costumes

If you have a best friend, significant other or even big family, going the matching route is best for you. Customize your own outfits or buy matching ones for your whole group and look extra spectacular trick-or-treating.

Photo courtesy: Pxfuel.com

#3: Disney/Marvel

You can never go wrong with trying to bring your childhood back to life by recreating iconic characters for your costume. These entertaining costumes will be perfect to show off your favorite characters with style.

#4: Skeletons

A basic, simple costume that can still be fun to walk around in would be the skeleton look. No matter the gender, everyone is able to rock this fun look, with or without the mask.

#5: Mystical/Magical

Whether it's goblins, fairies, or witches, you can't go wrong with an iconic mystical or magical look this Halloween. Add your own unique touch to any of these costumes and look enchanting while you're out with friends and family.


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