Northwest Region - 5Q Emerson, Liam, Noelle

The Northwest region include Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Washington, Wyoming, and Alaska.
Mooses in all Northwest states
In all Northwest states there are cool, wet winters near the coast and cool dry winters inland. There are extreme snows and heavy snows in Alaska and in the mountains. Summer temperatures are cooler and drier than much of the country because of the Pacific Ocean that works to cool the air.
Summer to Winter
Fall to Spring
The snow in the mountains melt in the spring. All the leaves turn orange and red in the fall and the leaves fall.
Unsual heat
The Northwest has very mild tempature
220 inches of rain in the whole year
The average tempature 40° in winter, 60° in spring, 65° in summer, and about 55° in fall
Seattle Washington
Weather thats common in the North West is rain, floods, tornadoes, and hurricanes
A historic weather event in the northwest is a 24 hour rainfall. The amount of rain was 8-14 inches and a dam that was 196 feet tall and 99,057 acres wide became full of water.
Seattle Washington

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