Great Depression By: Gregg Newton

This photograph shows men bidding for work during the early 1930s. "By early 1933, more than 12 million people, or 25 percent of eligible Americans, were unemployed." (

This photograph shows men waiting to get a free meal. This was Al Capone's way of cleaning up his tarnished image. He opened up a soup kitchen to feed the poor in Chicago.

This photograph shows hundreds of New York municipal workers waiting for the Christmas dinner at the New York Municipal Lodge House.

This picture shows the juxtaposition of how things were prior to the Great Depression. Notice the billboard states "Next time try the train, RELAX" - however these needy workers could not afford the train and were left to carry their supplies back and forth to work.

These photographs are just a couple examples of showing how difficult life was during the time of "The Great Depression". Some of these photographs were the very popular forms of imagery used to display the hardship and troublesome life that United States citizens were dealing with during the late 1920s and early 1930s.


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