Little Big History Project: Dogs By: Maddie Weber

Why are dogs so important to humans? Dogs are so important to humans because they were the first domesticated species. So humans did a lot with them. About 32,000 years ago is when humans started to have wolves in with there camps. The wolves started coming to the camps because humans had left over meat for them to eat, so they started following them. Once they were around humans long enough they started to adapt to them. How is this important to the global society? This is important to global society because If we didn't domesticate them then we wouldn't have them as pets. This is also important to the global society because with out dogs back in the day they would hunt for them and now they help people that are disabled like the blind. They also work as therapy dogs too.

The Goldilocks's Conditions for dogs I think would be when humans started to take them in as pets. I think that because we gave them food, a home, we cared for them and we entertained them also.

How do dogs tie in with collective learning? Dogs tie in with collective learning because at first we didn't have dogs, we had wolves. Once we got dogs we used them to help us hunt, with farming, and as medical help also.

What Thresholds are dogs involved in? Dogs are involved in thresholds 1 4 6 7 and 8. In threshold one they talk about the big bang and the big bang created everything. In threshold 4 life started to emerge so that means so did dogs. Threshold 6 collective learning happened so that means wolves became dogs. In threshold 7 is when the domestication of dogs happened. Then in threshold 8 they became a huge part of society.

Drawings from history

Pictures of dogs and wolves


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