Eyes :D by Ximena

Eyes are such an important part of our lives but not everyone has perfect vision. About 14 million people have an eye problem. Do you ever sit and wonder why? Well, after you learn about how the eye works, types of problems, solutions, and tears, you can stand up and learn about something else.

How you see

In the whole world, there are four different types problems people have with eyesight, and about 14 million people have a type of problem. First of all, the eye is supposed to have something called the Cornea (a transparent part in the front of the eye) focus the light then pass it to the lens, which directs it to the retina. The retina is found between 3 different tissue layers. Light is supposed to strike the retina perfectly but when it doesn't, that’s one of four seeing problems.

Eye Diagram

What is Wrong With my Eyes?

All the problems with vision are Myopic, Hyperopic, Astigmatism, and Presbyopia. But all these “Sciencey” words are actually quite simple. Myopic means “Short Sighted”. When you are short sighted, the light passes a little more behind the retina and you can see up close really well but things far away are a bit more unfocused and blurry. Hyperopic means “farsighted”. If you are farsighted, the light passes a bit more in front of the retina and the way it works is that you see things far away clearly but things up close are blurry. Astigmatism means when everything is blurry whether it's close or far away. Last but not least their is presbyopia, it can happen when you are around 40 years old and it is basically farsighted caused by the loss of flexibility in the lens.


Some Solutions

To fix the problem, you can get your own special pair of glasses, contacts or even get laser surgery to adjust the light perfectly. The modern style of glasses were first invented by Edward Scarlett in 1727. But don’t go around thinking that people with glasses are completely blind, because people with seeing problems can still see color, shape, and light but details are a little off. “Over the years eyesight has gotten worse,” said nurse Kim at Terra Linda Elementary. “Mostly because of video games.”

Edward Scarlett


Let’s start out with where tears come from. Something called the Lacrimal Glands is where your body makes tears. It also stores extra tears. The lacrimal glands are found just below the end of your eyebrows and are always making tears, EVEN RIGHT NOW!!!

The reason the glands are always making tears is because the eyelids need them to to wash the eyes and keep them moist. But the glands aren't very big, they are only about the size of almonds.

Everyone's tears are mostly made out of water, oils, salt, and baking soda. We all cry but when you cry very strongly meaning sobbing and sobbing, tears might overflow and go to your nose causing a runny nose. You know how newborns cry when they are born? Well they don’t do the same kind of crying that we do because newborns don’t produce tears until they are about 4-13 weeks old. They are crying and making sounds but tears don’t flow out of their eyes. Usually, people don’t pay attention to which eye the first tear comes out of, but it does mean something. If the first tear comes out of your right eye first, it’s a tear of joy. If it first comes out of your left, it’s a tear showing pain. And if it comes out of both at the same time, the tear means frustration. So make sure that next time you cry, you check which eye the first tear comes out of!

As you can “see” eyes are way more complicated then a circular object in our head that somehow helps us see. They are an amazing, incredible thing to learn about and are such a help in our daily life.

The average person blinks about 12 times per minute


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