How French can help you (Take french or we will attack you with baguettes)

Knowing this language will open opportunities for you and your future

You could get scholarships for knowing French!!!!!!!!!!

Examples of these colleges include

The college of Wooster is a college in Ohio where if a student knows French they have the opportunity to get a scholarship

Another example includes Texas Tech University

If you know French and go here you could get up to 500$ a year!

Also the college of William and Mary

The school is located in Williamsburg, Virginia. They offer a scholarship for rising seniors and francophones that is worth $12,000
College in France

Here are some things to know about college in France

  • College is France is generally cheaper - They don't require textbooks often making it easier on your pockets
  • Grades are calculated differently- They don't have letter grades, They grade it 1-20. But never expect to get more than 16. And you only get one chance to pass the class, which is at the end and you usually have to make a presentation, research paper, or essay exam.
  • Student centers don't exist - a typical university will have a cafeteria and that's about it
  • French Universities have smaller campuses - they make up for the lack of student centers by making the campuses smaller, this means you can get to know people easier and theirs less walking to do
  • French universities have chevaler tuitions - public universities are subsidized by the government so you pay less

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