Do you like sports? Survey

Survey Topic

My survey topic was on how much people like sports. I chose this survey topic because I have a great passion for sports and I wanna see if other people like sports too like I do. 9 people took my survey on sports.


100% of people who took my survey were in 7th grade, 77.8% of people who took my survey were male, 22.2% were female. I think only some of the results surprised me, and those were the sports being played.

Surprising Data

I was surprised at the people that play golf and tennis. Because not many people play those two sports. Most people who took my survey played soccer, baseball, or basketball. Most of people who took the survey liked sports, only 1 person didn't like sports.

Surprising Data

I was also surprised that more people liked to watch soccer and baseball more than basketball and football, because most of the people I know like to watch those sports more than any other sport.

Other data

People also liked to play baseball and soccer more than any other sports. 55.6% of people who took my survey play soccer. 77.8% of people who took the survey chose baseball as their sport. Most people liked Cincinnati teams as their favorite teams.

Something else that surprised me was that one person didn't like sports much, because most people I know like sports a lot or just a little. Most people who took my survey loved sports, some didn't.

That's it!

That was what my survey was based on.


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