Hug-a-tree Day / Mila Monk / 16 May / 19.30 CET F E S T I V A L / 2 0 2 1

In a noisy and cluttered world, Forest bathing (shinrin-yoku) is a mindful way to spend time in the woods and reconnect with lost, intuitive parts of ourselves. The practice is gaining popularity as a gentle antidote to urban stress. For the curious, there are many intriguing questions. What are the origins of forest bathing? What are its physical and mental benefits? Is it grounded in scientific research? What principles may anchor a forest bathing walk? How should we orchestrate our walk so we get the most out of it? And how often? Most of all, what exactly does one do in the forest? And finally, how can it be applied, in Lithuania or any other country?

Mila Monk is the first certified forest bathing guide in Lithuania. She graduated from the Forest Therapy Institute (FTI) and is a trainer and mentor. She is a coordinator of the Forest Therapy Day of the annual Anykščiai Forest Festival. Mila is also a professional translator, and together with her colleague Rasa Monkevičienė, she has worked on a book by one of the pioneers of forest medicine: Japanese scientist Dr. Qing Li. They translated his work, Shinrin-yoku: The Art and Science of Forest Bathing, into Lithuanian.


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