From Farm to Table By Lily Coll

From Farm to Table: Why is it Important to Buy Locally Sourced Food?

Eating locally doesn’t only have a powerful effect on your physical health, but also on the environment and economy. When you buy strawberries in the winter, the cost of the strawberries is double what you would pay in the summer and they are also being flown in from overseas. Considering the world’s current environmental state, it is crucial that every person is putting in an effort to reduce their carbon footprint. For many people that means taking public transportation or walking to work, but eating locally sourced is similarly effective.

Not only does eating locally grown food have a huge impact on the environment, but it also impacts the economy within your community. Buying locally means that the money you spend is staying in your community. When you buy from a commercial store such as Safeway or Giant, a large portion of the consumer’s money goes to the heads of the company, who not only have no part in food production, but also live on the other side of the country.

In one sentence can you tell me why you think it’s important to buy locally sourced food?
"Buying locally reduces your carbon footprint. We have to look at the grand scheme of things." - Nick from Gardeners Gourmet
"Eating locally grown food is good because it's fresher. The flavor differences are real." - Carroll from Twin Spring Fruit Farms
"We know exactly how and where our food is being grown." - Nick from Gardeners Gourmet
"Eating locally sourced food means it's coming directly from the farm, eliminating the middle man. No farms, no food." - Christen from Gordy's Pickle Jar
"Most of them (farmers) don't have an overriding interest in making a whole lot of money and in the process sacrificing the health and treatment of the animals." - David Ober, main farmer and owner of Cedarbrook Farms
"As consumers, we've lost our connection to the seasons and to bring it back we must eat locally grown foods." - Carroll from Twin Spring Fruit Farms
"Small farmers are being beat out by bigger corporations, it's our job to help the little guy." - Carroll from Twin Spring Fruit Farms
"Because farmers that are interested in providing meat that is raised locally are generally interested in having sustainable, organic and humane practices." - David Ober, main farmer and owner of Cedarbrook Farm
"We want people producing our food who are interested in providing a product that more than anything else tastes the way it should." - David Ober, main farmer and owner of Cedarbrook Farm

All photos by Lily Coll

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