4 Must-Know Tips for Event Tents w/ Superior Show Service Inc.

A backyard celebration.

A street fair.

A music festival.

A tent is for so much more than the circus. To avoid turning your event into one, keep in mind a few things.


Asking for the smallest (and therefore anticipating the least expensive) option right away may not best suit your needs. It might be perfect for a vendor’s tent at a festival, but would not take into consideration the actual needs of a larger event venue.

Food vendor at Edmonton Fringe Festival

Similar to a banquet room, there are minimum allowances we recommend for a variety of tent event needs. For instance, if you are planning a conference with theatre seating, you would want to allow for six square feet per guest, compared to ten square feet for banquet seating. Don’t forget to consider additional space if you are having a stage, bar, dance floor, or buffet lines.

Dark Skies Festival, Jasper


From the VIP experience to the beer tent, or the community festival, adding rental furniture and accessories transforms your blank canvas. Add flooring, lounge furniture, and even custom branding for your business, event, or client.

Add your own personal touch for a festive celebration with DIY crafts and ideas.

VIP Tent, Big Valley Jamboree


Every tent, regardless of size, needs to be securely in place. If you are setting up in a grassy field or on a paved parking lot, we have a plan for that.

Tents on grass are secured in place with long stakes, like camping tent pegs on steroids. As an additional safety step, stakes are capped to protect from tripping mishaps.

Tent staking

Tents set up on asphalt or gravel can also use stakes, and then be filled in after with asphalt plugs.

Alternatively, tents are secured to concrete blocks, weighing from 68 kg to just over 340 kg (150-750 lbs) each!

Future Farm Expo, Olds, AB

Before our crew can come set up and a tent that requires to be dug in, One-Call is required to map out any underground lines. If lines prevent staking, then plan B brings blocks.


As Canadians, we are blessed with the changing seasons. Alberta can go from a summer humidex of +40 degrees Celsius, to a winter wind chill of -40! Although tents are generally considered a summer venue, it is good to know that many tents are winter rated.

We can also add temperature control, from cool air conditioning to propane heaters for a toasty venue, inside or out. Regardless of the season, or the weather, we can ensure your tent rental is just right.

Silver Skate Festival, Edmonton

With an extensive inventory of tents, accessories and furniture, our experienced staff can make your event, the event of the season. Visit us at superiorshow.com.

Be social! If you find value in our information, share the wealth, and look for more from us, we'd love to hear from you.


Allison Smith

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