welcome to South Dakota the mount rushmore stAte

Hail! South Dakota, a great state of land, Health, Wealth and beauty, That's what makes her grand; She has her Black Hills, And mines with gold so rare, And with her scenery, No other state can compare... -Hail, South Dakota By: Deecort Hammitt on 50states.com

state animal: coyote
state flower: pasque
state mineral: Rose Quartz

South Dakota got it's name from when the sioux tribe, Dakota, moved in. Dakota is the sioux word for friends and allies

Top 12 tourist sites in south dakota

  1. Mount Rushmore Monument
  2. Badlands national park
  3. Custer state park
  4. The Crazy Horse Memorial
  5. Wind Cave national park
  6. The Mammoth site
  7. Homestake Gold Mine
  8. Spearfish Canyon
  9. National Music Museum
  10. Pettigrew Home and Museum - Sioux Falls
  11. Sertoma Butterfly House and Marine Cove
  12. Old Courthouse Museum

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