Boats Benjamin Paiz

We did not take a photo of the boat but we got this pic from Pixabay

When we made the boat we used Gatorade bottle and a plastic little bowl and it won most of the time until the back wing broke. we did this experiment to see what we can do with a boat (one that we constructed) if they can float on a pipe and race other boats from others creations.

This is the times of the boat that we made race (the boat won all three times we did more but this is the data we got from the first three).


1st: 11:63

2nd: 11:08

3rd: 11:00

In conclusion they were all less than 12 seconds but more than 10 seconds when the boat went it went slow in the beggining then it went faster after it was pushed by the fan.


Created with images by Phil_Parker - "Boat" • 3dman_eu - "sailing boat sailing vessel ship"

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