What Will She Do Next?

Not too sure, but here's a little about me:

I am 21 years old born attending California State University, Fullerton majoring in Cinema Television Arts. I am not too sure exactly what I want to do with it yet, so save your breath and don't ask. I currently live in Baldwin Park, California, where I grew up a majority of my life and it's also the city I currently work in, which I'll get a little into later. I have no idea where I'm going and what I am doing with my life but I am learning day by day that it's okay...

Besides being at home or being at school, working at IN-N-OUT Burger is what I sold my soul to for going on three plus years now. Amazing company and I've learned I have to work hard for what I want, team work makes the dream work and customers can be very rude when they're hungry & no we're nothing like McDonalds or Five Guys, (sensitive subject) so stop comparing.


I love the game of hockey, I love the Los Angeles Kings and I love Alec Martinez (in no particular order). I spend more time going to these games than I should be studying but, no regrets.

What I've learned in COMM 317:

I am not a master at any Adobe Software, by all means but so far I've gotten comfortable using Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere and InDesign. Photoshop and Premiere would have to be my two favorite, mainly because I suck at Illustrator and InDesign. I have slowly come to realize that I am not so much an academic person but this is the one class I've taken throughout my whole college career where my creative abilities came to life.

So, to answer the question of what I plan to do here at CSUF and what I plant to take from it...

I plan to graduate pretty soon and what I plan to take from it is to never lose my creative side. It's what made me happy my whole life and why would I decide to lose it now?

A Letter to My Younger Self:

I really don't know where my life is headed and I've been feeling stuck for a good while now, but one thing I do know is that all the years leading up to now, were all lessons to prepare me for bigger and better things. What this bigger and better things may be? I have no clue. I just want this video to be a constant reminder of why not to give up.

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Adriana Angeles

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