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Post Test Analysis Form: Psychology 2010 with Professor Jo Jorgensen

Post Test Analysis Form: Psychology 2010 with Professor Jo Jorgensen

Methods/Time of Preparation:

I met with a tutor from Varsity Tutors Online every other day leading up to the test for an hour and a half, starting two weeks in advance. I made a Quizlet from my notes and the bolded definitions in the book and started studying that a few days ahead. Also, the day of the test I sat in the library and studied for 5 consecutive hours going over the Quizlet and skimming through my notes and the textbook.

Notes from conversation with professor:

She discussed that most of the questions that I missed were do to carelessness or just simply not knowing the answer. I did skip two or three days of class, and she mentioned that if I had gone to class those three days I probably would have done better. She suggested that next time for studying I do the practice tests at the end of the chapters in the back of the book, and continue to take good notes and study the terms in the book as well. Overall, she said my grade was not bad compared to some of the class.

Study/Test-taking Plan:

The learning techniques that I will use will continue to use are Quizlet, pneumonic devices for people and theories, taking the practice tests at the end of the book, and studying my notes and reading the book and bolded terms. Also, this time I will attend the Teaching Assistant's test review session held the Sunday before the test. Starting next week, I will set up a session every other day at 3:30pm online with Varsity Tutors with my tutor until 5:00pm. I will start creating my final exam quizlet next week and study it for an hour every day, and the week before the exam for three hours every day.


After talking to Professor Jorgensen, I realized that I studied hard but not hard enough. I needed to read the book more carefully and make sure that in the future I do not skip a single class. Talking to her made me realize that my wrong answers were based off of carelessness or simply not knowing the answer, and also made me realize how important attendance is. Professor Jorgensen does not take attendance so I took advantage of that and skipped a few classes.


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