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We hope you enjoy scrolling through this tour of our campus! Many of the videos are 360 degrees so you can either grab the frame to move it around or use the control buttons in the top left. If you pause the video, the 360 degree controls will still work. Again, we hope you find this tour informative and enjoyable, however, if you have any additional questions please feel free to contact us at 239-772-1848 or visit our website.

Fast Facts

Full and part time gifted services

Exploratory classes are available for all grade levels

Only International Baccalaureate Middle Years Programme World School in the West Zone

Triton Time - a unique program to make sure students who are struggling don't fall behind and students who are excelling continue to be engaged

Whole school, research-based, grade level, and gender specific mentor program

Over 1000 students attend Mariner Middle

ESE services - Two Life Skills rooms, IS & CT models are inclusive

Over a dozen different after school clubs

Best in the West (Zone) Math Team!

Multiple Odyssey of the Mind teams (including one that made it to the OM World Finals competition)

What our Students Think

Individuals and Societies - Social Studies Classes

Language Acquisition - Spanish



Physical and Health Education

Arts - Band, Drama, and Visual Arts

Design Cycle - Health, Horticulture, and Technology Classes

Language and Literature

Clubs and Sports

Special Programs

Keep scrolling and watching to learn more about our special programs at Mariner Middle: the International Baccalaureate Programme, the Mentor Program, and Triton Time.

The International Baccalaureate Programme

The IB Middle Years Program is whole school - all students are part of the program, all classes are IB classes, there is no application process.

We're the only IB middle school in the West Zone

Mentor Program

All students are assigned a mentor and meet with them every two weeks.

Groups are grade level and gender specific.

Triton Time

Triton Time helps students who are struggling to not fall behind.

Triton Time provides students who are understanding the material with extension activities to take their learning further.

Student Voices

We asked some of our students what they like about Mariner Middle.

These are just a few examples of our students authentic & real world assessments

In US History students studying the American Revolution created infographics explaining how we can be everyday revolutionaries using the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Click the buttons below to check out some samples.

Last year the 7th grade explored gerrymandering through a combined Math and Civics unit. The unit lasted for over six weeks and as the final test students had to use what they learned to redraw the Lee County School Board voting boundaries. This fall a group of students were invited to the Southwest Florida Geographic Information Systems Symposium to present their findings. Below are a few clips from their twenty minute presentation.

Students combined skills from Music, Language Arts, and Civics to write a parody song called "Hey There King George." A group of 7th and 8th graders then went to The Vibe Recording Studio and recorded the song linked below.

At This Point in the Tour We'd Like You to Relax and Enjoy Some Music Courtesy of Our Amazing Band Program

See the Classrooms

The 360 degree videos are best seen either on a computer or in the YouTube app on your mobile device. They can still be viewed in the browser on your mobile device, but you will not be able to interact with the video.

Media Center


Cafeteria Pavilion


6th Grade Language Arts - Room 901

6th Grade Sciences - Room 905

6th Grade Sciences - Room 911

6th Grade World History - Room 902

6th Grade Health and Wellness - Room 505

7th Grade Sciences - Room 506

7th Grade Civics & 8th Grade US History - Room 211

Collaboratorium - Room 411

Visual Arts - Room 403

Design, Technology & Robotics - Room 405

Design, Technology & Robotics - Room 405 (second view)

Horticulture & Culinary - Room 401

Band - Room 413

Life Skills - Room 412

Frequently Asked Questions

What electives can students take?

Mariner offers a variety of elective courses. Click below for an updated list and descriptions.

Is Mariner Middle on a block schedule, how much time is there between classes, and how do students get to lunch?

Mariner is on a block schedule. Some classes are double blocked (such as math) and meet everyday. Other classes meet every other day. Students have 3 minutes between classes. Teachers escort their students to and from lunch.

What kinds of clubs are offered?

Mariner has a variety of clubs. Clubs can change each year depending student interest. Some of our current clubs are Art Club, Battle of the Books, Builders Club, Cheer Team, Creative Writing Club, Dance Team, Gay-Straight Alliance, Game Theory and Design, Glee Club , Junior Youth in Government, Math Team, National Junior Honors Society, Odyssey of the Mind, Robotics Team, Spanish Club, and Student Council.

Do you need to already know how to play an instrument to be in the band program?

You certainly do not need any experience to learn to play an instrument here. There are multiple levels of band offered at Mariner, ranging from beginner to advanced.

Do students have lockers?

Mariner is an outdoor campus without student lockers. There are only lockers in PE classes.

Is there morning and after school care available?

Mariner offers both morning and after care. Our before school care is fee based, however our after school care is free.

We would love to have you come by and visit if you have any additional questions or would like to see the campus, meet some teachers, and learn more about us! Please call 239-772-1848 to set up a tour.