When Will This Headache Stop? One-sided headache that will not stop-and its not a migraine: Heres help:

The Pain is intense, nonstop, and it's in your head, specifically on one side of your head.

One-Sided Chronic Headaches that do not respond to any medication.

The pain is chronic, lasting 24 hours a day, every day, for weeks.

Not this month, I am having one of "THESE" Headaches

You don't get a break from the pain. The pain wakes you from sleep.

NO!!!! Please, not again.
There is no rhyme, reason, season or pattern that triggers this enduring, non-stop pain.
No noticeable triggers

It does not respond to anything.

NO Known treatment that Works
Watering or tearing of the eye the side of the head that hurts
  • Your eye waters, and sometimes stings from the pain.
  • You might have what is called, "Droopy Eye" on the side that the pain targets.
Droopy eye

The headaches go into remission, but always comes back. Always on the same side.

Goes into remission...Always comes back

You have had Migraine in the past. This is not a Migraine. Migraines end.

Not a Migraine. Migraines End. Not This.
Can't take much more...

Functioning after 7 days straight of intolerable pain, drains you. Sinuses sometimes, on the same side, of the Headache are aggravated.

Sound, light, even smells are magnified.

Light and noise are unbearable.

Pain is specific

You can pinpoint the pain. Typically 2-3 specific locations. The pain from those locations IS a tidal wave across that side of your face.

Tidal waves across the head.

Describing the pain: Sharp and constant, does not stop. Never ends. Continues aching as in waves, one after the next. Specific to one side of the head. PAINFUL.

There is an answer to this rare phenomenon of a one-sided constant headache. Called: Hemicrania Continua
There is also a definitive treatment: INDOMETHACIN

This form of headache is considered RARE.

Occurring in females more than males.

Hemi= One Side.



What is it?

"A headache is considered hemicrania continua if the person has had a one-sided daily or continuous headache of moderate intensity with occasional short, piercing head pain for more than 3 months without shifting sides or pain-free periods."

Do I have it?

YES if The headache is completely responsive to treatment with the non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug drug indomethacin.


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