Macy as a Leader Macy Norlen


  • Supporting your peers
  • Leading a group of students towards a common goal
  • Leading in a way that makes others feel respected and valued

Qualities that Support Being a Campus Leader

  • Being open and available to your peers when they need you
  • Being able to listen attentively and respond
  • Caring about what your peers have to say
  • Being accepting of constructive criticisms
  • Being willing to always do the right thing, even if it's not the most popular option
  • Having compassion and being trustworthy

QUALITIES that may hinder being a campus leader

  • Being too open and available could cause your students and peers to become too comfortable with you and create uncomfortable situations
  • Coming off as bossy and authoritative may turn-off your peers and cause them to lose trust in you
  • Being unavailable will cause students to go elsewhere for advice
  • Being unaware of student resources will result in not being able to help your students succeed

My personal leadership philosophy

I believe in leading others through respect and encouragement. to be a leader is to be able to relate to WHOMEVER you're leading and lead them in the best way for everyone involved. a leader should consider everyone's ideas and input to get the united group to the common goal.

My leadership style

Blue: "I encourage cooperation and create a climate of freedom for all. I'm facilitative and people-centered."

Using this leadership style

  • As a Residential Learning Assistant, my blue leadership style shows when I make time to meet with my students every month to hear how they are doing and to recommend any resources to them that they may need.
  • As a bridal consultant, I use my blue leadership style when I take time to get to know my brides at the beginning of every appointment. I must listen to their story and to what they want in a wedding dress, and use that information to provide them with a great experience that they will always remember.

Blue Leadership As the prospective student manager for k-state choirs

  • Meet and talk with potential students and their families
  • Understand the value of K-State choirs to students and emphasize that value to prospective students
  • Communicate and work with the K-State choir directors and other choral leaders

My Personal leadership role model

Michelle Obama

  • She is passionate about solving injustices in the world
  • She shows compassion towards humans and human rights
  • She is extremely relatable to women everywhere
  • She is willing to listen to people's concerns and work with the people to solve the concerns
  • I believe she is a blue leader because of her ability to empathize with others and willingness to relate and listen.

My legacy

I want to be remembered as a caring leader who was willing to listen to my peers' concerns and work to improve their time at k-state. i hope to be seen as RELATABLe, respectful, and grounded.
  • I will create this legacy by being there for my peers and providing resources and activities for them. I will work to attentively listen and respond with helpful advice and respect.
  • If I become the Prospective Student Manager for K-State Choirs, I will make sure to make the prospective students feel valued and wanted by the K-State family.

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