Sohail Shahzad  CEO (Civil Enforcement Officer)

Sohail is a Civil Enforcement Officer. In his role, he helps pedestrians and drivers, issues tickets and helps with managing traffic.

“Every day is different, I get to meet people from different cultures and backgrounds, I always try to see it as a learning experience.”

Sohail is proud to say that he and his team have been out on the streets during the pandemic making residents and visitors feel safe during such a difficult time. Throughout the pandemic, Sohail and the CEO team have stepped up to act as a uniformed presence around the borough and reassure residents. His team played a vital role in helping key workers like NHS staff and teachers by helping to organise parking space for them.

Sohail is pleased with the response he and his team have had from residents and the local community.

“The community respects us and that makes the job so much better.”

Sohail said for a short time he went viral online when a pedestrian filmed an altercation he had with a driver. Viewers praised him for his calm and collective approach to the situation and even the driver ended up thanking him for his composure.

Sohail says the being a CEO has done wonders for his health too.

“I walk about ten to fifteen miles every day. So it keeps me fit. This job makes me feel alive and gives me a fullness of heart.”

Thank you, Sohail and all our CEOs!