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Arsenic's Atomic Symbol is As and it is number 33 on the periodic table. It is poisonous in high doses but has many uses besides that. Arsenic gets its name from the Persian or zarnihk meaning yellow. Arsenic has been used since ancient times in oxide and sulfide forms.

Atomic Structure

  • Arsenic's Atomic Number is 33
  • It's Atomic Mass is 75 AMU
  • Arsenic has 33 Protons
  • Arsenic has 33 Electrons
  • It has 42 Neutrons
  • 75As is the only known stable isotope of Arsenic

Arsenic is naturally found in metals and minerals. It is also found in organic matter that we eat like plants.


Arsenic is mainly used as a conductor and to harden metal alloys. It is also used in ammunition, pesticides and wood processing.

Fun Facts

  • Arsenic has properties of metals and non metals (Semi metals)
  • Since Roman days Arsenic has been known as the king of poison and the poison of kings


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