Bite, Look, Live hope for survival

Just from a recent grumble from the Israelite, caused mass destruction to the population of Israel. Wagon full of snakes slither through the camps biting people from the left, right, and center. A few surviving Israelites have reported recently about fiery snakes ambushing their families. Death is spreading like a forest fire. However, there is still a speck of hope for the people who are about to face their fate.

During the massive snake sabotage, the leader of the Israelites, came to be interviewed of what it feels like and what the last speckle of hope was. He says that the speckle of hope was the bronze snake that he had made and that whoever looked at it would be healed. He quoted, " Whoever looks at the snake, will be healed by God's mercy."

Recently, the majority of the Israelites were struggling to find the cure without having faith and looking at the bronze snake. A person who is one of the Israelites and is known to be as said, " Well if the snakes are so bad, then LETS EVACUATE!"

In the other hand besides all the devastation, a person who has faith, has reported about a couple of hours ago about his healing through the snake. He was heard saying, "Looking at the snake and having faith actually worked! God is awesome!"


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