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Sent from the Collaborative Studies Coordinating Center, Department of Biostatistics at the University of North Carolina's Gillings School of Global Public Health.

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Executive Committee Leadership Response to Current Events

From Sylvie Naar, Chair of the ATN Executive Committee, and Dallas Swendeman, Vice Chair of the ATN Executive Committee:

"Dear Colleagues, This is a critical moment in history for many reasons. The recent pandemic and horrific, inexcusable violence have further highlighted the disparities that have ruptured our social contract. This is central to so much of the work we do in HIV prevention and treatment research, but we must do more. We must do more than address the proximal causes and consequences of disease and racism, in our work and in our daily lives." Read the full message here.

The ATN's Participation at AIDS 2020

A live session on July 9, an on-demand session, poster and abstract sessions - see all the details here.

ATN Diversity Scholar Dr. Tashuna Albritton, Assistant Medical Professor, CUNY School of Medicine, will be presenting at AIDS 2020. "I am very excited about the ATN’s participation in the International AIDS Conference 2020," she said. "Youth and adults living with HIV/AIDS have genuine concerns about care during these uncertain times, especially within Black and Latino communities that are now also disproportionately affected by COVID-19. We are upon truly remarkable times, therefore, it is important to continue collective efforts in sharing the latest research in HIV/AIDS. I am happy to be a presenter and participant in this great event."

Highlights: Our First Virtual ATN Full Meeting, Spring 2020

To keep everyone in our ATN family safe, the in-person network meeting for Spring 2020 was moved to a virtual format. In this video, see highlights from the virtual meeting.

Press play below to view. A text transcript is available here.


Technology-driven methodologies to collect qualitative data among youth to inform HIV prevention and care intervention, mHealth. Also in mHealth, see: mHealth to reduce HIV-related stigma among youth in the United States: a scoping review (PDF).

HIV Preexposure Prophylaxis Among Adolescents in the US. JAMA Pediatrics. May 11, 2020.

Drug Use Among Adolescents and Young Adults With Unsuppressed HIV Who Use Alcohol: Identifying Patterns of Comorbid Drug Use and Associations With Mental Health. AIDS and Behavior. April 4, 2020.


IMPAACT P1093 Informs FDA Decision to Approve First-ever Dolutegravir Dispersible Tablet for Treatment of Children Living with HIV, June 15, 2020.

HPTN 083 Preliminary Study Results Webinar - view on YouTube.

Detectable Viral Load Tied to Uptick in Heart Disease Risk in Youth With HIV

Transgender Training Resources from the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases Division of AIDS - this resource was recently updated.

When Pandemics Call: Community-Based Research Considerations for HIV Scholars, editorial in AIDS and Behavior.

From UNAIDS Global HIV Prevention Coalition: "Maintaining and prioritizing HIV prevention services in the time of COVID-19" Posted in May 2020. 

Regarding Funding from the National Institutes of Health, Notice Released June 11, 2020: Guidance Regarding Change in Status, Including Absence of PD/PI and Other Key Personnel Named in the Notice of Award.

National Institutes of Health - Brain cells can harbor and spread HIV virus to the body. Press release here.  Also see this press release, NIH investigators hope CD47 study leads to broad-spectrum infectious diseases immunotherapy. 

Conducting Clinical Research During the COVID-19 Pandemic: Protecting Scientific Integrity. JAMA Viewpoint article - May 20, 2020.

CDC, Fact Sheet: Behavioral and Clinical Characteristics of Persons with Diagnosed HIV Infection (PDF). Data published May 2020. Full report here (PDF).


Featured upcoming conference - AIDS 2020. Now virtual. July 6-10, 2020. Also of note - some of this year's conferences have rescheduled to 2021, including HIV R4P, the 2020 Hispanic Health Conference, the 2020 Conference on Adolescent Health, and the Philadelphia Trans Wellness Conference. See the full list of conferences related to HIV prevention and care here.

Now available as a recording: Office of AIDS Research Advisory Council (OARAC) - Meeting for June 2020 (aired June 25, 2020)

About Your ATN Presentations / Abstracts ...

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Funding Opportunities

See all recent funding opportunities here. Among the listings: Four New Funding Opportunities, Rapid Acceleration of Diagnostics (RADX) Related to COVID-19 Testing. You can register to attend a "RADx-UP Pre-Application Webinar" which will be hosted by the National Institutes of Health on July 1.

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