The Indian Removal Act By:Ashby Worth

During the 19th century a lot of changes were happening in America. For example the factory system which changed the way many Americans worked by providing more jobs. The Indian removal act was a law passed by the government which said that the government could pay Native Americans to move into reservations. They did this because more and more Americans were moving west and they wanted the land that the Native Americans had. This changed America economically because it allowed more people to move west which changed how many people could work in factories in cities.

The Indian removal act was the most significant change in the 1800's. It made Indians move away from their homes often killing them along the way, it caused people to think differently about Andrew Jackson and Native Americans,and it opened up space for settlers to move into.

Andrew Jackson

First, this effected Native American families because they were forced into reservations with bad soil so they were not able to provide for their families. In an article called Indian removal act of 1830 it says this,"Most Indians were eventually forced from their lands due to fraudulent practices, fear of violence, or military action. Thousands of Indians died during their journeys to the Indian territory". This shows that even the journey to the territories was dangerous and killed many families.

Next, this effected how people viewed Andrew Jackson and Native Americans. In an article called, The Indian Removal Act it states this, "Some of these lawmakers leveled accusations at President Jackson for defying the Constitution. Others claimed that Jackson exercised a paternalistic approach toward the natives". This is talking about how people thought different things about Jackson and the Indians after the Indian removal act.

Third, this affected western expansion a lot because after the removal act Indians were moved off their land and settlers were able to move there. Which effected the south more because more Americans moved South. In an article called Indian treaties and the removal act of 1830 it says this, "As the 19th century began, land hungry Americans poured into the back country of the coastal south and began moving toward and into what would later become the states of Alabama and Mississippi". This shows that settlers moved into lands that the Native Americans had. ://

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