ChessieChessie 2018 Junior Civitan international convention Edition

ChessieChessie - Chesapeake District's Newsletter - International Convention Edition, June 2018

2018 Junior Civitan International Convention

Tupelo, Mississippi

June 21-24, 2018

This being Chessie's second Junior Civitan International Convention, he realized before leaving BWI he had a lot of work ahead of him to prepare our Chesapeake Delegation.

Only Mrs. McCleaf and District Chair, Ms. Carmen had been to a Junior International Convention before. His work was cut-out for him, but he knew that our delegation would be ready for fun, fellowship, knowledge and service.

L to R: On the table: Chessie--looking like he's got a lot of work ahead of him: Front Row: 2018-2019 Governor Elect and International Director Candidate, Victoria; Waynesboro Co-Advisor Mrs. McCleaf; District Chair Ms. Carmen; Waynesboro Co-Advisor Ms. Miller; ; Waynesboro member Cydney; Waynesboro President Alyiah; Back Row: Waynesboro PRC Gavin and Historian Josh. Not pictured, 2017-2018 Governor and International Director Anushe who was already in Tupelo for a Board meeting.

Day 1, We met the candidates running for International Office, including our very own Governor-Elect Victoria.

Chesapeake's 17-18 Governor & International Director Anushe and 18-19 Governor & International Director Candidate Victoria

Our very own Chessie met a new mascot friend from Florida, Marvin the manatee, they have become best friends.

Thursday evening, we dressed-up for Opening Ceremonies

The 2018 - 2019 Candidates for International Office were introduced, including our Governor-Elect, Victoria

We were introduced to the 2018-2019 International Board, including our Governor and International Director, Anushe

No Junior Convention is complete without a Spirit Stick

Junior Civitan International President Hadden Fulgham

The Red Team took the honors for the first team of the weekend to have Spirit!

ELVIS was in the building!

How appropriate, Tupelo being the birthplace of Elivs and the host city of Junior Convention, that Elivs helped kick things off and got us all up out of our seats dancing, singing and swooning (sort of).

EVP Scarlet and Elvis
Elvis' scarf still wet from his sweat, (eewww) Governor Elect Victoria plans to bring this souvenir home to her mom.

Then came Team Building Challenges to close our first day.

Day 2

Our first session of the day was, "Meet the Candidates"

There were four very qualified and impressive candidates running for three International Director positions. The offices of Vice President and President were uncontested.

Each Candidate was allowed a nomination speech no longer than 2.5 minutes and questions were allowed from the floor.

Workshops rounded-out our morning activites

So many awesome workshops!

(Glad we wore our new District t-shirts)

Lunch & Learn

With Dr. Karen Dixon

We learned that one person can make a difference. You just need an idea and passion and to share your mission with everyone who will listen.

Dr. Karen Dixon

Day 2 - Carnival for People with Special Needs

A very special shout-out and Thank You to the Mississippi North Civitans, Junior Civitans and Junior Chair, David Neilson for all their behind the scenes work building and creating games so each District and/or Club had a carnival booth; and coordinating all the participants to attend!

Our very own Waynesboro PRC, Gavin showcased his juggling abilities and made the local newspaper.

Day 2 - Evening

The Mississippi North Civitans had arranged for us to have a barbecue, games and a movie in the park. However, thunderstorms made us move everything inside.

Day 3 - Morning

Business Session and Elections

The voting delegates were seated.

President Fulgham called the Business Session to order.

The room was filled with electricity, and then there was none... literally, the power went out~more thunderstorms!

That didn't stop President Fulgham, he carried on with the business at hand, electing our 2018-2019 International Board.

Voting delegates were accounted for and ballots were cast

The power came back on just in time to review and vote on all the By Law amendments and changes

Before the Business Session was over, we had elected our 2018-2019 Junior Civitan International Board of Directors

Congrats to all, especially Chesapeake's Governor-Elect and new International Director, Victoria Davis!!!

(L ro R): International Director Victoria Bailey, North Carolina District West; International Director Ethan Fabian, Florida District; International President Danni Jo Grider, Alabama North District; International Vice President Marissa Lott, Valley District; International Director Victoria Davis, Chesapeake District

Nine Junior Fellows were presented, including one for Chesapeake Governor and International Director, Anushe.

16 Shropshire Scholarship Recipients were announced and presented with their scholarships

Total funds raised to benefit the Civitan International Research by Junior Civitans through their major emphasis charitiy through Sno Do and Dance A Thon were announced.


Dance A Thon

Congratulations to the Club and District who raised the largest overall contributions, respectively, for our major emphasis charity!

Day 3 - Afternoon

Free Time

Some of us visited Elvis' birthplace, literally 5 minutes down the road; some of us challenged our teamwork abilities and went to Escape Rooms; some of visited downtown Tupelo; some of us took naps, and International Director, Anushe and the other Board members worked on scripts for closing cermony.

Closing Banquet, Installation of Officers and Awards

It didn't seem possible that it was already the evening of day 3 and we only had a few hours left of Convention. But, there was lots still till do.

Installation of 2018-2019 Officers

Officers were installed by Civitan International President, Bob Jones and received their Officer pins from EVP, Scarlet Thompson

2017-2018 International Board Presentation

Thank you all for serving us this past year and moving the mission of Junior Civitan forward!

Presentation by President Fulgham to Executive Vice President, Scarlet Thompson

Social Cause Awareness Campaign - People First Banner signed by all Juniors, Advisors, Chairs, and Civitans who participated in Sno Do, Dance A Thon and International Convention this year.

The part of the evening, we all look forward to,

The Civis - Award Ceremony

Junior Civitans around the world do selfless acts of kindness and service everyday; not for the awards or recognition, but rather because they truly want to "Make the World a Better Place!"

Congratulations to all Junior Civitans for all you do everyday and to those clubs, districts and individuals recognized with a Civi for their 2017-2018 Outstanding accomplishments!

Here are a few of Chesapeake's recognitions this year:

Accepting on behalf of Madison Junior Civitan , Governor-elect, Victoria
Governor Anushe accepted on behalf of District Secretary, Ashley

The following Chesapeake clubs achieved Honor Club:

Churchill High School Junior Civitan Club

Honor Club of Distinction:

James Madison Junior Civitan Club

Waynesboro Area School District Junior Civitan Club

Chesapeake received Honor District

Governor Anushe received Distinguished Governor

Chessie and Marvin were very proud of all their Chesapeake and Florida Junior Civitans' accomplishments

Chessie didn't want the evening to end and took some photos with Civitan friends, not realizing he would get photo-bombed ny Marvin.

Convention is exhausting.....

HOWEVER, there's plenty of time to rest up, raise money and get ready for Convention 2019 in .......

Chessie is excited to welcome his new mascot friend, Marvin to Chesapeake.

At the closing Banquet, everyone was buzzing around talking about adopting mascots for their districts. We are so happy to have inspired others to share the love and bring a mascot into their Junior Civitan family.

We can't wait to welcome new friends next year, humans and mascots to the Chesapeake District!

Thank you to the entire Civitan and Junior Civitan International team, especially Emily Kicker!

You made the 2018 Convention special for us all. The entire Chesapeake District looks forward to collaborating with you for 2019!! Mississippi North District left some big shoes to fill.

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Chesapeake Junior Civitans


Bill Hiscott, Carmen Gorby

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