Chromium By: lydia may


  • Discovered - french chemist/pharmacist Louis-Nicolas Vauquelin
  • year: 1797 place: Paris
  • Found while experimenting w/ Siberian red Lead
  • 1798 - found how obtain chromium (mineral chromite)
  • Chroma - greek word for color


  • yellow paint pigment
  • dying leather
  • Stainless steel for safes, cutting tools
  • wood firing blocks
  • green coloring
  • Medicinal - still experimenting

Interesting facts!

  • Diet requires chromium - metal trace - metabolism for sugar
  • 1/2 chromium world - South Africa, Kasakhstan, India, Turkey
  • Before: 1800s mostly used - paint pigments
  • After: now 85% used - metal alloys
  • Chromium isn't a health problem - compounds toxic if eaten
  • If Chromium has 24 electrons how many valence electrons does it have?
  • What medicinal uses does Chromium have?
  • What other element did Louis-Nicolas Vauquelin discover?
  • In what era was Chromium popular being used as a paint pigment?

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