Town of Chase Wisconsin Local government projects

Chase Town Hall

8481 county Road S Pulaski WI

The Town of Chase voted on a new fire truck for the Pulaski Fire Department. The town Of Chase voted no but Pulaski and other towns around Voted Yes. The town Of Chase now has to help pay for the new truck.

I agree how they handled it because if everyone else votes yes it passed. It is only fare that we help pay for it. Maybe if we didn't help pay for it they might not come out this way for fires.

A new sign was needed on satin Road and they put a new one there.

There was 25 new homes in Chase for 2016.

Yurek Road needed some more crushed stone to fill potholes, and they added some.

Going to get light poles at the stone barn, but yet to be installed, hopefully this year.

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