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A girl born in Shiyan, a small city in Hubei Province, China, famous for Wudang Mountains.


Spend most of the time before age of 18 in her hometown, travel with her across China, encourage her creation.


  1. Let she fly to the U.S. and study Physics in UCLA.
  2. Allow her to transfer to Electrical Engineering after two quarters because she likes real products more than theories.
  3. Encourage her to try different aspects in EE, including circuits, signal processing, communication system....
  4. Let her obtain internship experience from Nissan and Cedars-Sinai.
  5. Congratulate on her undergraduate commencement ceremony on June. 2016
  6. Let her continue her graduate study in EE at UCLA


Sweet (70%): Her professional knowledge will convince you that you find the right person. She likes programming and discovering patterns behind data. Let her work independently but remember she's not a cold person. She likes solving tough problems.

Salty (15%): Yeah, she's not a cold but cool. Creation always comes after thinking. Her idea is that pinch of salt, the mystery to the taste even sweeter.

Spicy (10%): Engineering is her tool to change the world but she cannot live without fashion, food and travel.

Sour (5%): It is almost impossible to use one sentence to change her mind. She keeps her ideas until you give a reasonable explanation. But that's how she stay patient on tough work and approach the solution. She doesn't like say "no" before a trial.


Share it with your friends, colleagues. Let them know Manni!


This receipt is written by Manni Chen.

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Research Associate - Cedars-Sinai Medical Center

Jan. 2016 - Present; Los Angeles, CA, U.S.


  • Lab Manager for Dr. Han's Lab. Responsible for ordering, financial reimburse, work planning, and help new members get familiar with the environment and current project.
  • Assemble and test the 64-channel DC Current Source Supply System.
  • Troubleshooting on the current supply system, solve hardware problems and reach accuracy requirements.
  • Involve in new current supply system design and test.

64-channel DC Current Source Supply (Hardware troubleshooting & testing)

Designed and assembled the Multi-channel DC current supply, a hardware platform that enables integrated parallel reception, excitation and shimming process (iPRES) in MRI technology. The generated current will create effective magnetic field which will improve the MRI imaging accuracy. Tested and troubleshotting for all channels.

Intern - Donfeng Nissan Technology Center

Aug. 2014 - Sep. 2014; Guangzhou, Guangdong, China

Intelligent-Key system (Matlab, Simulink)

The key system design enables the remote key control, engine start and secure protection functions for Nissan vehicles.

Joke About Me

Finally you get it! Here's my treat for you:

I was named "陈嫚(Chen, Man)" when I was born. However, the government officer couldn't find the Chinese character "嫚" from the household registration system so he used "曼" another Chinese character with the same pronunciation instead. But when I entered the middle school, I had to choose between "嫚" or "曼" because the school requires the name match on my ID and application form. My parents decided to use "曼" but added "妮" to my last name because it has the same meaning, "the little girl", as my original last name, “嫚”. This is how "陈曼妮(Chen, Manni)" coming from.

I always feel fortunate about this accident, otherwise it will be too awkward for me to stand up when people call "Man"...

Another joke? While you know Manny is a mammoth in Ice Age.....

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