December 2016

Volume 1, Number 9

Jeffry Booher, Editor In Chief

Photography is a way of feeling, of touching, of loving. What you have caught on film is captured forever… It remembers little things, long after you have forgotten everything—Aaron Siskind
Terri Thompson

From the office of the president

This the final issue of In Focus for 2016 and my final column as President. As I reflect back on the events of the past year, I am reminded of the accomplishments we made together:

  • Implemented vote by proxy to help establish a quorum
  • Added Secretary to the club's Constitution and Bylaws
  • Modernized the newsletter and gave it a name
  • Modernized the rules for the Monthly Exhibitions, Quarterly Competitions and Year End Competitions
  • Changed the Interclub submission process to give members more control over what the club enters into competition
  • Reduced our display costs with reusable PEGS, replacing costly Velcro dots--saving the club nearly $300/year
  • Established a donation program for orphaned photos--resulting in nearly $50 for the club this year
  • We had two travel photo trips with Darkroomers On Location: Borrego Springs and San Juan Capistrano
  • We had two hands-on workshops in our Darkroomers Weekend Workshop Series donated from industry leaders, Stephen Burns and Larry Vogel
  • We held two wildly popular photo walks which gained national notoriety: The 500px Worldwide Photowalk and the annual Scott Kelby Worldwide Photowalk
  • Finally, we signed a record number of memberships this year with the roster hitting 50 members

Darkroomers organizes more activities, engages the public more regularly and does more than any other organization. We are the most active club within SCACC and the most popular club in Southern California...

thank you for all your support and I look forward to next year as citizen Darkroomer


election update

Darkroomers has its Annual Election of Officers at the first regular meeting in December and new officers take office on January 1st.

and the nominees are...

The nominations of officers took place at our November 30th meeting. By written rule, Nomination of Officers takes place at the last regular meeting in November which, this year, fell on November 30th.


2016 was the first year in Darkroomers history that officer nominations have taken place on a 5th Wednesday meeting. Regular meetings, by definition, are any meeting which is regularly scheduled and is not a special meeting--like a board or committee meeting. 2106 was the first year in which 5th Wednesday meetings were both regularly scheduled and confirmed into the club bylaws--we had, in previous years, met on 5th Wednesdays--but done so informally. So this is the first time ever that we could have legally had nominations the week before the election.


It was the usual suspects who were nominated to lead the club for 2017 with a slight shake up at the top as Terri is stepping down.

  • President: Drema Swader
  • Vice President: Jeffry Booher
  • Treasurer: Osia Strasner
  • Secretary: Nancy Varga
  • Display Chair: Michael Fairbanks
  • Webmaster: Jeffry Booher
  • Programs Chair: Jeffry Booher

There were no nominees for Recruit Chair or Interclub Chair. The election is Wednesday December 7th. Floor Nomination can be made for any of the above offices, including those that had not received a nomination at the November 30th meeting, just before the election. Those offices, if not elected, become Presidential Appointments on January 1st so club members interested in filling those duties should step up now and take action before you get drafted into service.


Year end competition

Each year Darkroomers has a competition for its members to compete for top honors and awards. The competition is held the second Saturday in January and is juried by a panel of 3 judges--much like many major competitions.

The history of the Darkroomers Year End Competition dates back to the 1930's which stems from the International Salons held in Balboa Park in the 1930's that were the vision of Dr. Reginald Poland. The Salons continued through the 50's until Dr. Poland's death in 1955. The annual Salons were revived and held by SCACC in the 60's and continued on through the late 80's as the annual Scott Watson Salons. The format of all of these Salons were very similar in nature to and became the same format for what is now used by the San Diego County Fair.

If you are new to photography or have never exhibited your work before then Darkroomers is a great place to start.


Image submissions to the Year End Competition must have been accepted during a monthly exhibition in 2016. Quarterly Competition submission winners, unless they were submitted and accepted in a Monthly Exhibition are not eligible for entry.

See the Darkroomers Website for a complete list of rules. Call for entries begins on December 1st and runs through the December 31st.



This year the Year End Competition submissions will take place on our website. Just fill in a few fields and upload the image you want to enter and submit. This should reduce the amount of confusion, separate the title from the filename (thus eliminating any operating system issues with filenames) and make entries uniform. You will be required to enter the same information for each entry--like your name and e-mail address. You may want to use a browser like Google Chrome which stores that information and can auto-fill those fields for you.

the online submission process will make it easier for the competition staff to run the event

Your image submission must be a full-resolution, high-quality JPEG--following the same entry guidelines that are used for the monthly Interclub Competition. If your image is chosen it will compete for the Nelson's award--which takes place at the Interclub End of Year Competition in March. Having the full-resolution image to submit on your behalf ready to go in February is essentially and this makes the process easy.


The entry process is much like the San Diego County Fair's Exhibition of Photography Submission process-- Enter electronically then submit a print in person. You will be required to bring your prints to the January 4th meeting for print submission. This is a formal process so be prepared for some entry forms and tagging of images for the competition.

If you are unable to bring your prints to the January 4th meeting then you must make arrangements with someone to bring them for you

This year the rules were changed to allow for you to submit a reprint of your accepted work that has minor modifications but you must bring the originally accepted work when you enter your print. The JPEG you submit must match your final image submission. If you plan to make any changes to your image then you should wait to enter until you have finished making those changes. Your image may be disqualified if it does not match during competition or at intake.



This year the Year End Competition Committee revised the categories for submission. The Architecture category was archived and a Seascapes category was added. People was further broken down because it has become overtly popular over past couple of years.

  • Landscapes -- the mother of all categories.
  • Seascapes -- must clearly be sea or ocean themed; Lakes, streams, waterfalls, creeks rivers are not seascapes unless they flow into a sea or ocean. Those images might be better suited in the Landscape category.
  • Monochrome -- where photography began.
  • Insects & Wildlife -- this used to be called nature.
  • People (Studio Indoor) -- portraiture in an indoor setting with natural lighting or in an indoor studio with natural or artificial lighting.
  • People (Studio Outdoor) -- portraiture in an outdoor setting with natural or artificial lighting.
  • People (Other) -- people in street photography, action, sports, or in any other setting.
  • Other -- composites, still-life, photo-manipulations, abstracts, astrophotography, macrophotography, and anything else that doesn't fit in the other 7 categories listed above.


To begin the entry process go to the entry form by clicking the button below. You will upload one image at a time for competition.

Send an e-mail to if you need help or have questions with your online submission.


call for help

The year end competition takes place on Saturday, January 14 2017 and takes about 9 people to run so we need a considerable amount of people to help run the program. We also are cleaning the building the morning of the event so we need a crew to come clean the building to make it look good for the judges.

  • 2 Curators (the guys that wear the white gloves to show the work); also known as Print Handlers
  • 1 Technical Scorer (the guy that reads back the score from entered by the judges into the computer)
  • 2 Scorekeepers - 2 people write down the score for each entry
  • 1 Referee - someone who oversees the event and challenges any discrepancies in the scoring.
  • 1 Runner
  • 1 Scoring Assistant
  • 1 Score Reviewer



  • 9am Cleaning Crew Arrives to clean the building. Donuts and Coffee are provided. We need 5-6 volunteers to help clean. This will also be the incoming Presidential inauguration.
  • 11am Crew Briefing
  • 11:30am Welcome reception for judges. Drinks and a lunch platter is provided for the crew and judges
  • 12pm Judges Briefing and Competition
  • 4pm Finish


key dates

  • December 1st -- Call for Entries
  • December 31st -- Last day to Enter
  • January 4th -- Print Submission Entry Date
  • January 14th -- Year End Competition
  • January 25th -- Year End Awards Ceremony and Dinner


Program news

Determination by David Poplawski

Our Darkroomers On Location event for the year will be on December 10th as Darkroomers go on Safari to the San Diego Safari ParkThe festivities begin bright and early--we meet at 8:45am at the gate. We will be coordinating rideshare options, guest passes, parking and lunch at the December 7th meeting. Janice Roudebush, who is also an ambassador at the San Diego Zoo,  has donated 2 guest passes to the club for someone to use for admission.


To be or not [to be]

The 2017 Programming Committee will be meeting on December 11th to discuss what programs are on the agenda for next year. Some of the the things that the committee will be looking at are

  • Weekend Workshop Series workshops. These are held the second Saturdays of the even months of the year.
  • Darkroomers On Location trips. These are held on a Saturday during the odd months but we do occasionally have on-off On Location shoots that popup like our Darkroomers On Safari trip on December 10th.
  • Monthly Programs. Held the first Wednesday of the Month.
  • Quarterly Competition themes. We rebooted the Quarterly Competition in 2015 after several years of not doing it and the program has been wildly successful. The 2017 Programming Committee is going to look at how to make the competition even more engaging next year.

Send an e-mail to Jeff and let him know if you are interested in joining the 2017 Programming Committee. There are only a few days left so let him know soon.


club news

The 2017 Membership Drive has begun. All members must fill out a 2017 Membership Application and complete a Statement of Proxy to submit with their membership dues of $45. Membership Applications and Statements of Proxy can be filled out online or in person. The online forms can be filled in online and printed to make it easier--just bring print and sign the completed form then bring it with you to the next club meeting along with a check for $45 made payable to Darkroomers.

If you are planning to sit on the 2017 Board of Directors then you must pay your dues and file a Statement of Proxy prior to the December 7th meeting.



Well, if you had to guess, the renovations that were supposed to be completed by the middle of November are behind schedule. There is no estimated completion date. The good news is--we can use the restrooms--for now. Work on the plumbing should begin the first week in December which may be disruptive to our first meeting so watch your e-mail for special announcements about the meeting.



The last Interclub Competition of the year was rescheduled due to the Photographic Arts Building renovations and was held on November 29th. Darkroomers finished strong and won more awards than the other clubs but we still finished in 3rd place with 2221 points--a mere 70 points out of first place and 21 points behind the 2nd place finalist.

Darkroomers had 3 Blue Ribbon Winners and 5 Honorable Mentions for October/November


  1. Poly Photo: 2291 Points
  2. Photonaturalists: 2242 Points
  3. Darkroomers: 2221 Points
  4. Fallbrook: 2153 Points



The final Quarterly Competition for 2016 in another huge crowd--one of the biggest that we have ever seen. We saw some new faces and some returning Darkroomers--some that we had not seen in a while like Robin McBride, Mike Packard and Robert Makar. Even former Darkroomer Jack Gibbons stopped by to say hello and vote on images. About half the club showed up which is really great for a non exhibition night.

Eight members submitted eleven images but only one monochrome image was submitted. I guess because monochrome was pretty well locked up.

Eight guests and 26 members in attendance cast 34 ballots


The theme for the quarter was WARM and it was probably the most fun we have had as a club at one of our Open House Events. There was fresh popcorn, shrimp cocktail, chicken kabobs and bunch of sweet treats. The documentary, Engineered Landscapes, was fascinating and enlightening. It engaged the 5 people who stayed to watch it.

Everyone had a Yabba Dabba Doo Time


The Winning images

Congratulations to all winning entries



Congratulations to our 2017 winners

The winners for the year will have their names engraved in the Pitt Warner and Harris Wallace trophies. Jeff Booher, with 18 points in the Monochrome Division, will be receiving the Harris Wallace award for 2016 and Angie Crompton, with 15 points in the Color Division, will be receiving the Pitt Warner award for 2016.



Paul Shilling

Our judge for December is Paul Shilling. Paul is a Researcher in the Psychology Department at UCSD. He is also an accomplished photographer and seasoned judge.

Paul specializes in fine art nature and travel photography. One of his goals is to provide novel perspectives of natural subjects. He and his wife Lesley own Shilling Productions where together they sell his photography and her unique jewelry. He has exhibited his award winning photography in many local shows and competitions. His images have been published in the book, San Diego’s North County Coast: A Photographic Portrait and in Nature’s Best magazine.

Paul is a member of several local camera clubs including Polyphoto and has been a judge for SCACC interclub and Polyphoto.




Photos used in this newsletter from Dick Hausam, Dick Hodgman, Robert Makar, Angie Crompton, Richard Van Gils, Dave Poplawski, Jeff Booher, and Michael Fairbanks are used with permission and may be subject to copy restrictions from the copyright holder. All rights reserved.

Darkroomers and the In Focus logo are trademarks of the Darkroomers Photographic Club

The InFocus Newsletter is a Publication of The Darkroomers Photographic Club,

Jeffry Booher, Editor in Chief

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Copyright MMXVI Darkroomers Photographic Club. All rights reserved.

Terri Thompson, President • Jeffry Booher, Vice President • Drema Swader, Treasurer • Nancy Varga, Secretary

Created By
Jeff Booher


Dick Hausam, Dick Hodgman, Robert Makar, Angie Crompton, Richard Van Gils, Dave Poplawski, Jeff Booher, Michael Fairbanksard Strobel, Les Anderson, Lee Peterson, Michael Fairbanks, Richard Van Gils

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