"Test Not Guess" You are invited to test your "internal age"

You are invited to test the "health" of your 50,000 miles of blood vessels using the "iHeart"

It is a non-intrusive, 3 minute test and you receive a 7 page report/analysis of your results delivered to your private email

Your "Internal Age" is a measure of healthy blood flow which affects: Mental Acuity and Concentration,


Sex Drive

Physical Vitality,


Emotions and Mood, and

Intestinal Health....The blood is the river of life.

Your cardiovascular system delivers nutrients to build healthy organs, tissues and blood, takes out the bodys' trash, and helps hormonal balance.

The aorta, the body's largest blood vessel, is located directly in front of the spinal column.

The iHeart measures "Aortic Pulse Wave Velocity" - which Is the speed in which the pulse travels from the heart through the abdomen along the aorta. As we age, this measurement increases.

Recently, scientists have found that aortic stiffness correlates with risk of death from all causes, such as heart disease, dementia, even liver disease.

Happily, changes to lifestyle can reduce your aortic stiffness and bring new health to your cardiovascular system.

Healthy Diet,


Stress Management,

and Supplementation can lower the Aortic Pulse Wave Velocity measurement

Motivate yourself for a great year of focus on the path of health for you and your family!

For more information on TriNOgen, visit:

To order TriNOgen, visit:

Lin Young

9 Tyler Avenue

East Wareham, MA 92538

By Appointment Only

(508) 274-0439

email - buytrinogen@gmail.com

"Live Long & Strong"


iHeart information quoted from Dr. Jess Goodman. Photos by Dona Omanoff and others being used with Creative Commons Copyright permission.

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