ENDOCLUBNORD 2018 10 of our fellows joined the BSG expert faculty in Hamburg, Germany for the largest live endoscopy event in the world. Read about their experiences below.

ENDOCLUBNORD has developed over the last 20 years into the largest live endoscopy congress in the World, with more than 2500 delegates attending from Germany and beyond. It remains a centre for the introduction of innovation in endoscopic practice and new technologies. In 2017 Professor Thomas Rösch invited the BSG to partner with ENDOCLUBNORD, with the UK faculty (Colin Rees, Pradeep Bhandari, John Anderson, Siwan Thomas-Gibson, and George Webster) delivering live cases, and leading on ENDOCLUB On Air, providing live commentary and debate for English-speaking centres streamed live on the internet around the world.

To extend the BSG’s engagement this year we again had the opportunity, through fully supported travelling fellowships, for 10 trainees or junior consultants to join us in Hamburg.

"A Few months ago, while going through my emails, I noticed a BSG newsletter inviting applications for a BSG Travel fellowship to ENDOCLUB NORD Hamburg with an exciting opportunity to spend a few days in one of the world’s best centres for therapeutic endoscopy and attend the world largest live endoscopy congress.

"The arrangements for ENDOCLUB NORD were outstanding, including ease of access to the assembly venue, the state-of-the-art sound system and video links from different endoscopy units across the globe."

"Day two of Endo Club Nord was the best in my opinion, as it was dedicated to case reviews done on the previous day. It was amazing to see the histology from all the cases and hear very useful discussions by experts on the techniques, outcomes and follow-ups."

Excerpts from the report by Dr. Saqib Ahmad

"As a recently appointed Consultant with an interest in Endoscopy, I applied for the BSG EndoClub Nord Travel Fellowship and was fortunate enough to be selected to travel to Hamburg."

"The EndoClub Nord meeting was an action-packed day which included impressive endoscopy streamed live from 3 different endoscopy units (Altona, Barmbek and Eppendorf) in Hamburg. We were certainly impressed by the range of cases (ESD, EMR, ERCP, EUS and even a PTC) demonstrated by local and international expert endoscopists. I think the huge ampulla adenoma which Professor Pohl resected was probably the most memorable case! Even more impressive is that the pathology team worked tirelessly overnight (while most of us enjoyed a night out organised by our hosts) so the histology results were able to be reviewed the following day correlating back to the live cases."

"It was a very educational and enjoyable week in Hamburg. It is a very friendly and vibrant harbour city with a good night life. We also found time to sample some of the tourist attractions (I would recommend the U-boat museum and miniature Wanderland). I would highly recommend this travel fellowship to my registrar and consultant colleagues. I would also like to thank EndoClub Nord, BSG and Olympus for organising the travel fellowship and especially our hosts (Professors Thomas Rösch, Siegert Faiss and Jürgen Pohl) who made us feel extremely welcome during our stay!"

Excerpts from the report by Dr Danny Cheung

"For me, the Endoclub Nord fellowship provided an opportunity to assimilate knowledge from colleagues both in Germany and the UK, and to learn from and discuss techniques with the other fellows. The Endoclub Nord meeting itself was extremely well organised, with an impressive array of cases, and an impressive venue and audio-visual set up. The meeting was simultaneously broadcast in both German and English. I took an exclusively observational role during the live endoscopy day as opportunities to ask questions were limited- perhaps the ability to tweet or text questions would enhance the audience’s understanding of proceedings. I think what struck me was that endoscopists in Germany are innovators, and early adopters of technology, and it was educational to see procedures like Endoscopic Full Thickness Resection in action, which I think will become more widespread in use.

Overall, it was an excellent experience and I am very grateful to the BSG for giving me the opportunity to attend. It was a great opportunity to reflect on my own and my local colleagues’ practice, reinforcing the things we do well and picking up tricks and tips that will enhance performance. I also really valued the chance to develop relationships with other endoscopists both from the UK and abroad."

Excerpts from the report by Dr Aaron McGowan

"I was delighted to be awarded a Travel Fellowship to attend Endoclub Nord 2018. My background is as a gastroenterology specialist registrar, however I am currently conducting a research fellowship in advanced luminal endoscopy, having completed a clinical fellowship in luminal endoscopy prior to this. I hoped that completing the Endoclub Nord fellowship would further advance my knowledge and understanding of emerging techniques and best practice in endoscopy, whilst providing networking opportunities with established and emerging expert endoscopists in an international setting."

"The congress part of the fellowship was well organised, with travel directions provided in advance and congress materials prepared for our arrival at the venue. The venue was spacious with a comfortable lecture theatre and on site translators providing live translation via headsets for those who did not speak german. The programme was varied, with a mixture of live endoscopy and lectures to keep interest piqued throughout the day. The execution of the live endoscopy was impressive, with seamless movement back and forth between cases and sites, allowing for a number of different cases to be shown during each session."

"I have brought additional knowledge and understanding back with me from Hamburg, in particular relating to emerging technologies and techniques in endoscopy. I have learnt that German endoscopy practice has many similarities, but also many differences with UK practice and being able to observe and understand a different system was useful to highlight what we already do well as well as which aspects of care we could improve on. I hope to improve my own clinical practice as result of this experience."

Excerpts from the report by Dr Sophie Arndtz

"I am currently undertaking 2-year research fellowship looking at novel diagnostic and therapeutic techniques in the upper GI tract at University College London Hospital. I felt that the EndoclubNord fellowship would tie in nicely with this and fall in line with my overall plans of pursuing a career in advanced endoscopy and would open my eyes to a world of opportunities.

The fellowship provided a valuable insight into both the healthcare system in Germany and latest advanced endoscopic techniques in the various subspecialties of gastroenterology. The two-day live endoscopy course itself gave fantastic teaching insight into endoscopic techniques with valuable learning points which since then I have taken away and used in my everyday endoscopy practice. This fellowship was an inspiration, and I went back to the UK wanting to do even more interventional endoscopy. I think it’s a fantastic opportunity for anyone wanting to pursue a career in this area. It’s good to see how it is all done in a different health care setting and you get to compare how things are done in your own units, and bounce ideas off of each other.

Overall, I would recommend this fellowship highly and it has been a great opportunity. It has been an honour to represent the BSG at EndoclubNord and I hope to maintain the connections formed in this fellowship both with our colleagues in Germany but also with my 9 other colleagues who I attended this fellowship with from all parts of the UK."

Excerpts from the report by Dr Mohamed Hussein

"The EndoclubNord meeting was truly a tour de force of advanced endoscopy and was delivered seamlessly with slick transition between cases. The sheer number of cases precluded audience participation, however, this was redressed on the Saturday with histopathology updates (who knew this could be achieved in 24 hours!) and audience discussion. With simultaneous German and English translation this allowed all delegates to participate."

"I took away many things from this trip. Clearly the German approach to endoscopy is innovative with early adoption of novel techniques, perhaps with less NHS red tape, however, I’m grateful for our standardised training programmes in endoscopy as well as the non-endoscopic training skills that have undoubtedly improved UK endoscopy performance. I am extremely grateful to the BSG for giving me this opportunity to attend."

Excerpts from the report by Dr Fergus Chedgy

"At the outset I would like to thank BSG and Education committee for giving me this opportunity to attend ENDOCLUB NORD endoscopy congress in Hamburg. I feel fortunate to be selected for this prestigious fellowship. The German technology was at its best and had a fantastic audiovisual infrastructure. There was not even a single glitch in the 2 day congress. A fabulous coordination between three different hospitals (Asklepios group of hospitals) in Barmbek, Altona and Eppendorf was outstanding."

"The selection of cases was incredible. There were numerous challenging cases which were managed by experts with outmost care and compassion. The skill demonstrated was world class. The cases shown live in the congress included a large rectal ESD, oesophageal stent, ampullectomy, ERCP for a patient with PD stone, EMR of a polyp in transverse colon, RFA of HCC, Acetic acid staining in Barretts. After conclusion of the congress, we had a day for sight-seeing in Hamburg. The cruise along the river Elbe was a very nice experience."

"We then had the exciting opportunity to stay on for a further week for tailored endoscopic learning experience within the ENDOCLUBNORD allied hospitals. Overall it was a fantastic opportunity to see some fabulous hospitals and teams working to improve the condition of some very unwell patients."

Excerpts from the report by Dr Venkata Lekharaju

"I was very impressed with the quality, organisation, faculty, cases and discussions in EndoclubNord. How it differs from courses in the UK, having a day for debrief and review of histology the day after was particularly good and something I have not seen before. They did however lack a patient advocate which would have been good for some of the benign cases in the meeting. That said, I did learn during our final supper the week after endoclub that many of the diagnosis of R0 resection given in the meeting, were overturned on review of the histology. This highlighted the excellent practice we have in the UK where dysplasia/cancer pathology if reviewed by 2 expert pathologist as a matter of course prevents discrepancies with significant ramifications if left unchecked. I have to applaud the openness of our hosts however on their truly reflective practice to improve their patients care and their meetings in the future. Particularly impressive cases in the meeting were those of Herr/Professor Pohl who performed a huge ampullectomy and managed the subsequent arterial spurt with a sublime coolness that was quite inspirational."

"I have established excellent relationships with the Endoclub fellows and hope to build on them in the future. This would be collaboratively set up training courses, develop our endoscopy facility and recruit together for collaborative research projects in the future."

"I am truly thankful to BSG for facilitating this opportunity. It has opened my eyes on what can be achieved in therapeutic endoscopy in the right environment I hope to emulate some of these techniques in my hospital in the future."

Excerpts from the report by Dr Adil Butt

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