Notes from the President December 2, 2018

Hello Falcon Families!

We are into the final weeks of our 2018 Fall Term, and we are grateful for the opportunity to serve you and your students.

Our first Community Forum was a success! Thank you very much to those that were able to attend this past week, and we appreciated the candid feedback that was given. We had approximately 40 individuals attend the Forum - a mix of Falcon Families, staff, students, and board members.

Families were able to share their reasons for choosing JPEC, and teachers and students were celebrated for their success. Constructive feedback was also given to staff and board around topics such as our slow change with our math program and the impact this has had on our students, as well as a feeling that our communication, especially from administration, is not always transparent, timely, or forthcoming in confronting issues or mistakes.

We ended the evening once again recognizing the opportunity that our students are taking advantage of at JPEC and the success they are demonstrating. Our students' participation in the forum is an example of the maturity and mindset that our Falcons hold.

Our Development Coordinator, Alex Ulicny, compiled notes from the evenings conversation, and Governor Cooper, the facilitator, will be compiling a report for our Board. A follow up action report will be provided to families before we leave for Christmas Break.

Important District Information

District Highlights

JPEC Honors Students

Honors Seminar 140

We are very excited to celebrate with our first group of students who have completed Honors Seminar 140! They demonstrated a great deal of growth, engagement, academic rigor and ability. We share in Jackson College's excitement in seeing how high our Falcons can soar, and are eager to see our next group students enter their first college honors course.

JPEC's First Student Accepted to JC's Nursing Program!

We are very excited to celebrate with Breanna Maher! Breanna has been admitted into the nursing program at Jackson College, and we are incredibly proud of her accomplishment!

District Insights

Personalized learning is an idea that we frequently talk about at JPEC, and it is central to our work with students as a competency-based learning environment. Educators and educational leaders define personalized learning in various ways, and when this approach is applied to competency-based learning, it may become even more confusing to understand.

As a next step in our conversation around personalized learning, we feel sharing a framework for understanding is important. There are four core areas focused on in a general way through personalized learning:

  1. Competency-based progression: Each student’s progress toward clearly-defined goals is continually assessed. A student advances and earns credit as soon as he/she demonstrates mastery.
  2. Flexible Learning Environments: Student needs drive the design of the learning environment. All operational elements—staffing plans, space utilization and time allocation—respond and adapt to support students in achieving their goals.
  3. Personal Learning Paths: All students are held to clear, high expectations, but each student follows a customized path that responds and adapts based on his/her individual learning progress, motivations, and goals.
  4. Learner Profiles: Each student has an up-to-date record of his/her individual strengths, needs, motivations, and goals.

These four core areas are the larger framework of what we mean when we talk about personalized learning at JPEC.

Legislative Updates

Each month I will provide legislative updates on important issues and ways that together we may engage with our representatives.

Lame Duck Session Has Begun. During the end of a 2-year election cycle there is a three week period known as the Lame Duck Session. During this time there are a number of bills that are reviewed and pressed forward quickly in an effort to get passed before new administration takes over. Once new administration steps in, any open bill is wiped away.

There are a couple of bills that we are watching such as a bill involving schools having the ability to apply to the state as an innovative district that would allow certain exemptions from state mandates, and another bill changing the school evaluation system to a letter grade A-F. You can see a full list of bills using the button below.

Please let me know if this is an area of interest for you. There will be opportunities and times of need when I will want support in speaking with our legislators in Lansing and our local representatives.


December 13th | Christmas Concert
December 17th - 20th | Course Finals
December 20th | End of Term
December 21st - 31st | No School - Christmas Holiday Break

Have a wonderful Week!

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