Good Life tour of the Harn By paul Cleveland

Medium of the art/technique of the artist: For me, the skill of an artist struck me immediately when I toured the Harn. Right as a walked through the doors, I was drawn to a sculpture of a powerful woman standing high and mighty. As I approached the sculpture, I saw the intricate detail that the artist invested in the piece of art. Her arm was angled in a manner that demonstrated power and you can even see the outline of her bicep. Furthermore, the artist, Audrey Flack, brought the her skirt to life for me. The design of each fold or wrinkle, the manner it fit on her body, its flowing beauty all complemented the beauty of the powerful woman. Finally, the expression displayed on the goddess face brings the whole piece together. It is one of power and peace. For only she knows her true power; She is blissfully in control of herself and the world around her. Each detail and technique used to craft a piece of art is inherent to its purpose as a piece of artwork. By using a certain tool or medium, the artist portrays the sculpture in a unique point of view. If the expression of the goddess was changed or if her hand was not raised, the sculpture would have a completely different purpose and meaning.

Design of the Museum: The wing that I enjoyed the most was the David A. Cofrin Asian Art Wing. First off, this wing caught my attention because I came from an exhibit with white walls to an exhibit surrounded by wood. I felt like I was walking into a completely different world. Additionally, I was drawn to the beautiful outdoor pond. In art, I truly appreciate the portrayal of nature in urban environments. The bliss I felt sitting on the bench staring into the pond took me to the backyard of my old house in Colorado. I remember being 5 years old and getting in trouble for fishing in my own pond when my mom looked away. I remember trying to learn how to ice skate on a pond about 5 feet wide and falling in immediately. So many memories of my childhood are related to that pond and seeing the pond in the Harn brought me to my childhood. I sat near the pond for about 20 minutes with a smile on my face and a feeling of home. Furthermore, I like how the wing displayed mundane objects in nature as art. Numerous pieces in the wing were rocks or stones. The wing displayed a normally boring piece of nature as art that looked out of this world. Overall, this wing enforced my point of view that the best art can only be seen and felt in nature. My appreciation of God's work has made me into who I am today. I felt at home in the David A. Cofrin Asian Art Wing.

Art and its core values: Midtown Composite by Yvonne Jacquette caught my eye and elicited a strong reaction within me. The painting is a of a large, busy city at night. The lights are on in every building as they illuminate the hectic city life. The viewers attention is drawn to the tallest pointed building in the middle however, in the background, there is a bridge leading to the suburbs of the city. This painting caught my attention because it reminded me of growing up in Denver. I grew up in the suburbs of southeast Denver. In fact, it was a 20 minute drive on I-25 to downtown, where the tall buildings hosted the companies of the mile high city. I know firsthand the rush of the city life because I am accustomed to it and my major leads me towards it. From majoring in economics and having an interest in pre-law, I can see myself working at a law firm in Charlotte, Los Angeles, Denver or Miami. However, another part of me wants to live in nature. I could work summers as a counselor at a camp for special needs in Winter Park and I could work winters as a snowboard instructor. I would have a small cabin in the woods with 2 dogs and a happy family. We would live in the beauty and live within our means. Going to the Harn helped me realize the man I was on the inside. On one hand, I am a suit wearing lawyer working 9-5 in a large city. On the other, I am a man enjoying the beauty that nature has to offer. For me, the Good-life will be a mix of these two lives. I want to work hard and be a top lawyer, however, I also want to live modestly with a happy family in the woods of Colorado.

Art and the Good-life: This is a picture of Mexico City from a birds eye view. I chose this piece of art because this piece of art portrays Mexico City in a certain point of view. This reminds me of "A danger of a single story". Normally, humans view cities from a standing point of view. By looking at it from the bird's eye view, one can appreciate the landscape of Mexico City. You can contrast it from the skyscraper cities that we so often see. Furthermore, the symmetry in this piece also offers a unique point of view. If we were on the ground, we would not be able to appreciate the symmetry. In life, it is important to go out of your way to look at things in a different manner. It can give you perspective and insight that is unique and valuable.

I took this photo in front of the Abstract art exhibit. I thought it was interesting that the picture turned out blurry and somewhat abstract.

This is a Woman's Wedding ensemble by the Amazigh people of Siwa Egypt. I took this picture because my mother would love this ensemble. She loves immersing herself in other cultures.

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