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This is such an exciting topic!

We all listen to our favourite pop artists on the radio.... but have you ever taken notice of what happens in BETWEEN your favourite songs? People try and sell you things USING MUSIC! Often some of our favourite pop songs are used in advertisements. Companies will try and use these songs to target a specific age group or buyer.

Sometime specific songs are written for an advertisement. They know that if they can advertise a product with a catchy enough song you'll keep humming their music for the rest of the day, and moreover, at a sub-conscious level - next time you're shopping and see their product, you'll associate it with the happy feeling their JINGLE gave you! Music and Consumer Psychologists have spent time and money delving into what they believe is a 'license to print money' - and it provides quite an exciting field of study for us too!


Read the newspaper article attached below. It's a British example, so you may not immediately recognise all of their Jingles - but the principals are universal!

Google a phrase like "What makes a jingle catchy?" "How to write a catchy jingle" and see what else you can find on the subject!

(I found a couple of blogs that you might find interesting - like

Using the British example above and anything else you come across, make a list of common elements found in catchy advertising tunes according to the psychologists/writers in the reports.


Have a listen to this catchy Australian Jingle: 'Happy little Vegemites'

Begin to analyse this jingle, using the class handout sheet given (below).


Listen to this more recent example of an advertising Jingle - the 'Coles Little Red Quote' Ad!

We will use this example too as an analysis practice piece.

We will analyse the chords they use, and write out a quick take of the chord progression that the Jingle is based around.

While listening, think about the Concepts of Music and come up with a list of key musical elements to consider when making catchy Advertising Jingles. Use the same template from the Little Vegemites sheet and complete an analysis on the Coles ad.


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