Following on as of 27/03/2017

I have been working on getting the start menu done and I have also been working on the code for the menu.

I did not know how hard it will be to make a start menu and need to look it up afore looking it up I was ablate to make the menu

I am on track to meet my dead line

Following on as of 29/03/2017

I have been working on the menu getting the buttons I need for the menu.

I think the button I am using are good and will work go in my game a little bit more work may need to go into it.

I am on track to meet my dead line

Following on as of 30/03/2017

I have been unable to working on unreal as the pc have been update.

This will not efface me as I need to make a pause menu and will be working on that to day.

this will be put into my game next time I can get onto unreal.

This may put me off track to meet my dead line but as of now I can not say if I will be make off track.

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