Florida Museum of Natural History Ryan Bahng

Nature on Display:

The butterfly exhibit was my favorite at this museum. I loved how we were just surrounded by the butterflies and nature while inside this screen. Tons of butterflies are in this relatively small enclosed space, and it is so cool to see how they all interact. It was interesting to see how the butterflies interacted to certain things, like people getting close to them, or wind blowing, etc. I think that being immersed inside this butterfly colony is the only real way to see how they interact with others because nowhere else will there be such a high volume of butterflies in a small area that they are contained in.

Nature and Ethics:

This is an animal that lives in the deep ocean that I've never seen, and I would imagine that not many people have seen it. Putting this and other things that people don't usually see in the museum makes people realize that there are animals and things that are affected by our actions. Seeing this made me realize that I do not know much about the ocean life, even the <5% of the ocean that we have actually explored. This is such a small number of the vast ocean that we actually know things about, so this opened my eyes and made me want to help preserve the marine life and encourage others to do so.

Nature and the Human Spirit:

Caves have always intrigued me, so I liked this exhibit. Stalactites are the icicle looking things that hang from the tops of caves. I like these the most because of the way they are formed and the fact that all of them look different and it adds a sense of eeriness to caves. This helped me appreciate the mystery of the natural world because although we now know how they are formed, there was one point where we had no clue and it was probably seen as just a phenomenon that everyone acknowledged its existence.

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