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On March 18th at 11:07p in a small hospital in Juarez, Mexico, Savannah Grace made her grand entrance to the world. One of the first things that stood out to me (Fred) was that her facial expressions were almost identical to her mother’s. I was amazed by the strength of her sneezes and the power of her lungs. She has a head full of beautiful black hair and her eyes captivate us (the jury is still out on what color they will be). As she has grown, her facial expressions have become more diverse and we have grown especially fond of her crooked smile. Her name speaks of a beautiful open expanse; it’s transparent, real, and stunning.

We are excited to be parents. It’s tiring but lovely. We hope to be a platform for Savannah (and our future children) to do greater things for the Lord than we could do. We pray Savannah would stand on the shoulders of those before her “to possess nations and settle desolate cities”. We look forward to discovering her talents and passions with her and to champion her to excel in them.

Discipleship Training School Classroom Phase Finished! Next Stop: Israel and Mexico City

YWAM El Paso-Juarez January 2017 DTS Students

The Discipleship Training School started in Juarez at the end of January and is now on outreach in Israel and will later travel to Mexico City! This school of six students has a zeal and an acute ability to hear the Lord. During a time when we prayed for the President of Venezuela, Myriam received an unusual idea but shared it anyways. God brought the passage of 2 Kings 1 to her mind. In this story, the King of Israel sought counsel and healing from a pagan god. Myriam did not know, but that is something widely accepted as true regarding the President of Venezuela. We spent time praying that God would change his heart to seek the Lord.

In the early weeks of the school, it was evident that Jacob longed to hear the voice of the Lord. As I (Fred) spent time discipling this student one-on-one, I saw how he challenged himself in unique ways to be certain he was hearing from the Lord and not just responding from his own thoughts or empathy. There were times when he failed, but it was a real pleasure for me to remind him of the truth as he has wrestled against the lies in his mind. Jacob has grown in confidence to hear the voice of the Lord along with his classmates.

Students and Staff now on outreach in Israel and later Mexico City! (From Left to Right: Michel, Julie, Samuel, Berenice, Jacob, Nidia, Jefte, Myriam, Isaiah)

Joy had the opportunity in this school to teach principles for effective communication. At the beginning of the school, Samuel was bashful when he shared, but carried a certain grace about him as he spoke. As the weeks progressed and Samuel put the communication principles into practice, he shared with greater boldness the things God was doing in his life through the school. We continue to encourage him because we believe this grace refined with training will enable him to be a great speaker.


Every home in our colonia has a Bible!!! On April 11th, 2017, during a Tuesday morning YWAM staff Bible Distribution, the McCart family left a Bible at a red and blue house on the edge of our neighborhood – the last house in Sauzal to receive the Word of God! Every home in Sauzal has now been visited by a Christian carrying God’s presence. We’ve knocked on doors (or more accurately, shouted at people’s gates), asking if they have a Bible and if they don’t, we have given them a free copy of Scripture! The impact is evident in simple ways. On our way to a doctor’s appointment, Joy saw a young girl carrying one of the Bibles we gave away under her arm as she walked across the street with her dad. What an encouragement!

In Sauzal alone, we have given away 1,737 Bibles, and 45 people have given their lives to the Lord. We now have our sights set on the rest of Juarez, to continue to sow the Word of God to bring life to this desert city.


Paola McCart, Joy Bello, Judith Menes, Ryan McCart

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