My Art Robo By megan.s.higuchi

The robot that Chris, Cam, and I, created was designed to make circles, simple but cool and fun.

Our robot was designed by Cameron, and redrawn by Chris.

At first we were thinking about 3D printing a dome or a cilinder to cover the humming bird, and cords. But as we worked, we decided to let the insides show.

Usually the coding would be the most difficult part for me, but because Chris and Callum (who helped us sometimes) recommend me to copy and code certain things, and it became so much easier for me. I think the area I struggled the most was not coding, but making the robot move smoothly.

So I obeyed Chris, and squirted some hot glue on to the wheels to make them run nicely.

Not only did we change the idea of hiding the cords, we also made the length of the pen holder which is now a paint brush holder the same length, so instead of the robot painting a spiral, it would paint a single circle.

I don't think that my design skills improved after this project, but I do feel like I can code a little bit better.

In the end I think that our robot turned out pretty good, although I do think that if we had more time we could have figured out how to make a top.

We didn't really compare our robot to other people's robot and then fixed it, (although we kept on reminding our selves about how unorganized our robot looked.) instead we just quickly walked around the room observing all the other cool and interesting creations.

I really enjoyed this project because it made both art and design technology much more fun for me.

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