Vegans and Society Veganism is when people do not eat or use products made out of animals. Relating this topic, vegans, with society and how it is growing around the world.


-Marginalized- Treating someone or something indifferent

-Speciesism-The idea of being human is a good reason for human animals to be given greater moral rights than non human animals

-Vegetarian resource group- A group that detects how fast veganism is spreading and the amount of people that are joining, also tips and recipes

-Cruelty Free- A label for products that do not kill or harm animals

-Aversion- A strong dislike or strong disinclination

-Ethical- Relating to moral principles or the branch of knowledge dealing with these

Why is veganism becoming more popular?

Research has proven that veganism is spreading more throughout all different parts in the world and that it is having more awareness for animals. Vegans have an aversion for consuming food products and using different kinds of products such as clothing or makeup made of animals because it is killing them and causing extinction, so they use cruelty free products. Because of veganism becoming more of a trend, a lot of different food and fashion brands are switching to vegan products. CBS News states, “More than half the 1,500 chefs polled by the National Restaurant Association for its new "What's Hot in 2011" list included vegan entrees as a hot trend.” Reasons why chefs and companies are starting to switch over to vegan products is to help their sales go up and stay up since they are realizing that veganism is spreading quickly and the companies are changing their products so they have a wide selection of products for everyone. Some people are making vegan cookbooks and diet plans CBS News shares that,“The vegan "Skinny Bitch" by Rorey Freedman and Kim Barnouin, is a diet book series that are bestsellers, vegan staples like tempeh and tofu can be purchased at just about any supermarket, and some chain restaurants eagerly promote their plant-only menu items.” Veganism is spreading more and a lot of people are picking up on this trend because of the health benefits and savior of animals and a lot of others.

This is a sign that looks like it is in a yard and someone obviously represents veganism

Are there health benefits in going vegan?

Going vegan does have many health benefits such as lowering the risk of cancers, diseases, and also helps to have a healthy lifestyle which can help to have a longer life. Going vegan gives you more energy and because of the plant-based diet, you get all of the vitamins and nutrients. The Vegan Society states that “Vegans also tend to eat seven or more pieces of fruit and vegetables per day, meaning we have a 33% reduced risk of premature death compared with people who eat less than one portion.” Overall going vegan can help make the number on that scale, go down and which is another reason why many people are going vegan. The Vegan Society talks about the health benefits “ ...vegans are leaner, have lower BMIs and have lower percentages of body fat… we’re less likely to get weight-related diseases such as diabetes, have a reduced risk of heart disease and have lower cholesterol.” Veganism overall has good health benefits to it and that is why many people switch over to the vegan lifestyle and they also switch over because they want equality for animals and people.

Vegan groceries are a thing

Do vegans think animals and humans should get the same rights?

Vegans think that animals should have the same rights as humans because they deserve to not live in fear and are obviously against animal cruelty. Elizabeth Cherry, the author of “Veganism as a Cultural Movement: A Relational Approach” states, “Vegans see animals as machines to provide food for humans.” Vegans think that animals are being used, which they are to provide food and products, but they see it all differently. Most of the time non-vegans are not thinking about what the animals have to go through in order for them to get the food and different products they need or want .Most people who aren’t vegan don’t really register that they are eating meat and using daily products that are made from animals and how it is destroying animals in all kinds of ways (Cherry). A lot of people who aren’t vegan have different kinds of pets that they would never hurt yet they are eating other animals. Vegans want more awareness for animals, like having equal rights which is called speciecism. Tristram McPherson states in his article called “A Case for Ethical Veganism” that vegans want animals to have the same rights as humans so they can get the full consideration and equality and not be tortured and used as models for products. Overall animals do not get treated the same as humans and vegans think that it is a major problem in their eyes. Vegans just want other people to realize how it might feel to be an animal getting killed just for food, when there are other ways to get your nutrients and vitamins and because of this transformation companies are switching over to vegan products.

People are going against Mcdonalds and their chicken nuggets and how they are made out of chicken

Why are companies switching to vegan menus and products?

Companies and restaurants are switching to vegan based products to have a more wide option for others and to keep their sales up. Makeup brands are switching to a vegan based product so more people will continue to buy from them and everyone will be content. Vegans refuse to eat and use products made out and with animals and more companies are realizing that and changing their brands. Veganism is spreading quickly and becoming more popular all over the world which is a main reason why companies are switching their products to vegan, so their sales stay up. PETA, people for the ethical treatment of animals, talks about on their website that there are substitutes for the ingredients used in products and foods that involve animals they also have a “Vegan Cheat Sheet” which is the ultimate vegan food guide. The website also updates when different brands are making new vegan products. PETA informs readers about the brands that aren’t vegan based and they provide images and videos to show what they actually do to animals. Very famous brands are even provided, “Companies such as Hermès and Prada create some of the world’s most expensive and well-known fashion accessories made from exotic skins, yet consumers have little idea of how much deprivation, blood, slaughter, and environmental damage is involved in manufacturing such items.” PETA is a very informational website similar to the vegan resource group and has many different facts on veganism and is up to date on who is going vegan and who is not and also talks about the experimentation of animals.

People supporting veganism by clothing

What are vegans opinions of animal testing/experimentation?

Vegans do not agree with animal testing and that is one of their main reasons on going to the vegan lifestyle and staying away from animal based products. Urbanvegan is a website on veganism, states,”Unlike humans, who would sign paperwork before agreeing to participate in any experiment, animals used for testing are forced into a sad, stressful life with no choice or alternative.” Animals don’t have a say on whether or not they want to be tested on for different products. Labs use animals to test their products so they know if they are safe to sell and be in use for humans. Animals that get tested on are usually, mice, rats, rabbits, hamsters, farm animals, dogs, and cats (UrbanVegan). Urbanvegan also gives an excerpt on what animal testing does, “Animal testing is traditionally used for biomedical experimentation, product and cosmetic testing, and science education.” Because animal testing is threatening the lives of animals they are obviously against it because it is hurting them and want to prove their point by going vegan and straying away from animal based foods and products.

A sign that in front of a building that supports veganism

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