What We Learned Quintero, Mendez, Santos P.5

In Photography I learned every picture has a meaning and beauty, but during this time I want to show you what we have learned over the year.

I just thought of putting this in after we did our project of decisive moment.

One of our achievements in this class in this class is shutter speed here are some examples

To make a Photogram what you are going to need is materials that you want to use to create an image and photopaper after you wants to expose the paper for about 16 seconds on f/8

Black and White Processing

Here is the step where we load the film into the film reel in darkroom

Here we add 5oz of water
Then you add 5 oz of D76
Add 10 oz of Fixer
Place the reel in the hurricane
Put in photo Flo for 30 sec
Put in the dryer for at least 24 hours
Cut the film and put n sleeves
Grain focus
Speed Easel
Contact sheet
Always use burn and dodge tools
Put in dryer

To iron a picture you have to first have to center the picture in the middle then with the paper tack down the corners for about 2 seconds then tack down the image on the board.

You then make sure the dry mount is on 200 C then close it and let it sit there for two minutes

Once it comes out you want to apply pressure by setting books on top so the corners don't bend.



Deep (Daniel fiending)

Story Board

Even though we could not find ours we have some examples of some stories we liked

3 point Lighting

We also could not find our negative but we tried to recreate with the lights but in the original image we had to make sure we were centered and the light was not showing in the back


To load the film you full the turning lever up and put the canister and pull the film and make sure it aligns with one of the hooks

Then you close the back and spin clock wise until there is no more tension then you pull back the shutter lever and click about 3 times until you see the indicator is set to 1

To unload the film you press the button on the bottom then rotate clock wise until there is no more tension and then pull the turning lever

To get the camera exposure right you want to make sure you poin your camera to a area where there is a good amount of light hen you wand to turn the aperture scale until you see a green dot in the shot

Pinhole camera

What you want for a pinhole camera a box that doesn't have exposure to light, a rubber band can of soda, a piece of paper, a pin and a pice of photo paper. Once you gather all of there materials cut out a little box on the box, you get a pin and poke a hole trough the can and attach it to the inside of the box and also attach a pice of photo paper on the other side.
Here is an example

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