intro to the ideas of planning

The best way to predict your future is to create it.

― Abraham Lincoln

set your goals

  • administrative (where)
  • strategic (how)
  • tactical (with what)
  • operational (who)

identify your index of routes:

  • Time Value (fast&furious or slow&gentle)
  • Marketplace (blue ocean, red ocean)
  • Tendencies
  • Risk values (vulnerability, can i be risky?)
  • Control Point (where can i find out that i'm good)

identify your index of signs

  • Customer Profile
  • Customer Journey
  • Customer Experience

identify your index of communication

  • to whom are you got to speak?
  • what are you got to say?
  • where do you want to be seen and heard?

who's the boss?

  • each index should have it's own responsible
  • each of your responsible must have a clear technical task, and clearly understand his point of control

identify the best organization instruments - task managers or crm

Kpi, task list, rules of game.

divide and conquer

Set your valuable metrics:

  • Average Customer Lifespan
  • RR (ratention rate, are they involved?)
  • NPS (loyalty)
  • LTV
  • CXi

it's all about trends and visions

Whom do i respect? From whom do i learn?

It could be one vision and many ways to express it.

ABC of planing:

  • setting priorities
  • determine the cause
  • allocate resources
  • sets the responsible persons
  • determine the method
  • establishes periodicity
  • timing value
  • establishes the system for information supplied
  • establishes the person responsible for analyzing the supplied information
  • establishes the person with power of decision and reaction
  • sets the technology of reactions and corrections

What do you eat?

How do you sleep?

How do you move?

let's see how it works
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