Norris & Gettler By: Monee' Washington

Charles Norris & Alexander Gettler where scientists of the early 1900's who worked to involve chemistry in the solving of crimes. While both working in Bellevue Hospital, Norris was the Chief Medical Examiner who hired Gettler, a distinguished toxicologist, in an effort to improve his department.

Norris and Gettler are most known for their efforts to reveal how poisons were the blame to many accidents, crimes,etc,. The pair had notable cases such as the Looney Gas Building, the carbon monoxide poisoning of Anna Frederickson, and Barnum and Bailey's Famous Blue Man. Before Norris and Gettler's revelations, there was little known about how poisons effected people and our communities, so therefore we did not know how to test these poisons. Because of this Gettler found himself having to find new ways to isolate these poisons. Such as mashing or liquifying tissues, titration, or melting and boiling analysis.

Norris and Gettler essientially pioneered the solving crimes using chemistry. Their work not only shed light on how poisons effect us as humans, but it also made it difficult for people to continue to poison others and get away with it. The two also set the future for new forensic scientists to solve new crimes in new ways.

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