Saint Lo We Could Be


Saint Lo. is a Montreal-based genre-fluid musical collective with roots that stretch across the continent. Their songs are nuanced and layered featuring hypnotic vocals, profound lyrics, and incredible harmonies. They sing about complex emotions – vulnerability, isolation, connection, nostalgia and loss – always infused with more than just a hint of hope.

Together since 2013, the members of Saint Lo. trace the band’s lifeline to the moment they stopped being individuals who brought music to a backing band and became four singer-songwriters who crafted music together. Their model provides the non-writers in the band with creative control over their instruments which allows for a deeper connection to the sonic offerings of Saint Lo.

Their new album ‘We Could Be’ is a thematic tour-de-force for Saint Lo. The video single ‘Wounds’ is a stunning ode to the long healing process that comes in the wake of the rupture of a relationship. The song is a mix of alt-folk and classical layered with cinematic pop and it’s easy to imagine it as part of the soundtrack of a film or cable series. Filmed on a rainy day in Esquimalt on Vancouver Island, the video for ‘Wounds’ was created in collaboration with Montreal-based film editor Olivia Du Vergier and Vancouver-based videographer Daniel Keen.



"The band features a vast array of instruments, including, but not limited to, saxophone, violin, accordion, flute, and xylophone. The equipment lends itself to massive folk stomp-and-clap sing-alongs à la The Head and the Heart, but the band showcase impressive sonic breadth. The styles of their tracks vary immensely during their set, especially as different instrument players take lead vocals. The accordion player weaves a dark, rip-roaring tale about not liking the person he sees in the mirror; the guitarist leads the penultimate track, “Best Friend’s Clothes”, an exuberant drinking song; the flutist brings the set to a close with the gentle, wistful “Grace”. - Consequence of Sound, September 2016.

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