Micro by Michael Crichton and Richard Preston presented by Logan Gaddis

Micro is a thrilling seen waiting to happen as a group of kids explore the world of micro technologies and nature. the story begins in Hawaii in a laboratory notorious for micro technology called Nanigen when a man breaks in to steal something and then is killed by thin razor sharp cuts. he is found dead in an apartment along with three other men... also killed by thin sharp cuts. it then cuts to 6 scientist with the main character Peter Jansen who studies snakes and venom. Suddenly his brother shows up, the vice president of Nanigen. He invites his brother to Hawaii for an internship at Nanigen. his brother agrees but then gets a text from his brother telling him to not come. He later discovers that his brother has been killed in a boating accident. skeptically he heads out to Hawaii and sees a video of his brother jumping off the boat. while there he notices his brothers girlfriend Alyson bender also the CFO of Nanigen seems unaffected. he starts to believe his brothers death was no accident. with the help of some outside sources and his wits peter gets Vincent Drake to admit to killing his brother into a recording that broadcasts through a room in Nanigen with several of the other students inside. Drake then drags a beat up peter and the other students along with a worker into a tensor generator that shrinks them into the size of an insect. peter than gets dropped into a snake tank and he barely escapes with the help of his friends knowledge. Knowing that Drake will not stop until the students are dead, Alyson hides them inside a paper bag. realizing that Alyson helped them he send her into the forest to kill them however they escape from the bag before she can kill them drake then kills her when trying to fake the students death by pushing a car with Alyson inside over a cliff. drake then sends mini security into the forest to fins off a already weakened group of students as they have suffered causalities from insects however the students kill their attacker and head to a mini Nanigen base where encounter fugitive and inventor of the tensor generator who is also hunted by drake. he helps them by teaching them to survive the micro-bends a sickness that affects shrunken beings after a betrayal the remaining students head back to the base on micro-planes as drake burns the base they then find the undead Eric. Eric and the students arrive at nanigen before Drake, who activates micro-bots to attack Eric. The two students finally re-enter the Tensor generator and return to full-size Along with a micro-bot that is enlarged. drake then gets trapped in the room with the micro-bot who then kills him and destroys the generator. Eric and the other surviving student Karen king fall in love and Karen returns to the micro world because of her love and passion for science.

i would recommend this book for any science nerd like myself who enjoys the thrills of nature.i would rate this book a 8 out of ten because the plot was so entertaining and even more surprising . Although Micheal Crichton never got to finish his book Richard Preston never faltered in continuing and creating his own ideas and universe in this book.i would also recommend this book to teens because of the science behind it as a child would not be interested.




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