The fault in our stars By: Monica Thinea

In this book there's two main charcters Hazel Lancaster and Augustus Waters. They meet in a depression cancer group for people that's diagnose and sad. Augustus thinks Hazel is beautiful right off the bat and Hazel thinks he is hot, but she thinks it's all going to fast.
Augustus and Hazel starts to go on little dates in get closer. While Hazel writes a letter to her favorite book author, she likes this book because it's about a girl that has cancer and she feels like the book and her can relate about everything. That the author knows how it feels to be diagnose with something.
Hazel goes to the hospital because there was lose of oxygen in her lungs and fluid started to fill. Peter Van Houten wrote a letter back to Augustus. Hazel couldn't go because of what she is diagnose with. On the 4th of may Hazel, Augustus, and Hazel's mom will be going to Amsterdam.
I compared my book to If I stay because the both very sad books. They both contain love, tragedy, and illnesses. Hazel found love, and the main in if I stay already had a boyfriend.

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