Ovo vegetarianism D'shun, Geo, Julian

what is a ovo vegetarian? A Ovo vegetarian (eggatarians)is someone who simply cannot do without eggs.

Benefits:ovovegetarianism is more beneficial to maintaining fertility in women than vegetarian diets allowing dairy foods. A group of researchers at the Harvard School of Public Health reported in early 2007 that a high intake of low-fat dairy foods is associated with infertility in women caused by failure to ovulate.

lower cholesterol levels

lower blood peressure

lower intake of saturated fats

decreased risk of type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and certain cancers

Healthier body weights.

Health Risk:The longstanding concern about all vegetarian diets is the risk of nutritional deficiencies, particularly for such important nutrients as protein, minerals (iron, calcium, and zinc), vitamins (vitamin D, ribo-flavin, vitamin B 12, and vitamin A), iodine, and n-3 fatty acids.


  • For girls finding specific makeup
  • Not allowed to wear leather
  • Finding stores that have the right ingredients and foods you need

Portillos- you have a wide range of options you can choose from. You have the grilled vegetable sandwich without cheese though. you have salad's you could choose from, but you will have to watch out for the cheese and meats. If you really wanted some cheese on your salad you could get a substitute of goat cheese. As for Little Caesars there isn't many ways around there menu. You could get bread sticks with out butter or Parmesan cheese. Or you have the option to get a veggie pizza without cheese. Most things on these menus you would have to modify so it could fit your lifestyle.

Yes i would find it hard to stick to my type of vegetarianism. Not eating cheeses would be really hard to do. all the good things require cheese, like mac and cheese, lasagna, and pizza. I feel like i could do a lacto-ovo-vegetarian because i would be able to eat cheeses and dairy products that are easy to get. The one meal that i wouldn't be able live without is pizza. no meat pizza is ok but no cheese pizza too that would be so hard to do too. If i was too make pizza fit into my current type of vegetarianism i would make a pizza roll. no meats and made with goat cheese.

D'shun:Iwould find it not hard to be a ovo vegetarian.However i woold never consider being any type of vegetarian just for the fact that you have to give up certain foods that i love eating.My favorite meal is lasagna with.In order to fit it into an ovo vegetarian meal I'll have a dairy free lasagna with replacing milk with soy milk because in ovo vegetarian your not allowed to have dairy and soy milk is non-dairy

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