Good Life Nature Activity at FLMNH Kylie Eubanks - Maze

Display - In entering the Butterfly Rainforest, I was immediately struck by the amount of moths and butterflies fluttering around. I learned there is a moth that’s bigger than my face! The fact that it was right in front of me, alive, was far more striking than if it was behind glass, preserved. The fact that I was able to observe live butterflies and moths that were comfortable in the presence of humans was a one-of-a-kind experience.
Ethics - Throughout the butterfly exhibit, FLMNH provided multiple posts that contained educational information on butterflies and moths. Most people ignored the posts, simply distracted by the butterflies. Ironically, the posts discussed the harmful effects humans have on insects, especially with light pollution and moths. If it was not for this class, I myself would of bypassed the signs. In reading the signs, I thought about how our urban environment were once fields and how nature must deal with our actions. I looked at the surrounding exhibit and felt the freedom, although the butterflies were in the cage. While I wish we could change our ways, this responsibility of reducing lights at night is too great.

Human Spirit - In daily life, it is a treat to see a butterfly. However, at the Natural History museum, you are immersed in their environment. Being in the space provided, the museum allows unique interactions with butterflies that are comfortable in the presence of humans. Not only did you observe the butterflies, but the butterflies observed you. Countless butterflies landed on visitors, and one even flew up my sleeve! FLMNH provided an experience where one can look very closely at one of the most delicate, fleeting creatures. While being close does answer some questions about butterflies, new, detailed questions emerged.

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