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The following is a collection of additional resources you may wish to examine as part of your exploration of epistemology. We do not have time to fully review all of these as a class, but they can be useful as a follow-up to the required readings if you wish to deepen or reinforce your developing understanding of terms and concepts. Feel free to bring them up in class discussion.

One group of scholars (Andrew Elby, John Frederiksen, Christina Schwarz, and Barbara White at the University of California, Berkeley) created an assessment for examining epistemological beliefs in the physical sciences. Why is this important? We typically consider the physical sciences to come out of an objectivist paradigm, and researchers in this area are seeking evidence that helps them develop laws and make statements of fact that represent areas of objective truth that they are trying to discover. One would typically expect people who are successful in this area to have an objectivist epistemological orientation and to continually be seeking empircal evidence that proves or disproves their theories. Individuals who lack this orientation and either blindly accept fact or who are more interpretivist in their approach may struggle when learning in this area. Click the link below to explore the scale, which is freely available online.

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